SPCA Pet Health Insurance to the Rescue

By Taylor Mundy

When it comes to your pets, we know you want to give them the best life possible. After all, they are family! Accidents and illnesses can happen. When providing expensive care for your sick pet, it is not just an emotional strain but a financial one, too.

So, is pet insurance worth it? Tori and her fur-family think so!

Meet their three kittykids: Twinkie, Indiana Jones, and Nelson.

“Twinkie is the dainty lady of the home,” says Tori. “She loves headbutts and kisses, lasers and reflections on walls to run up after. Her only dislike, but let it never be underestimated, is her brother, Indiana. Indiana was found in the engine of a former co-worker’s car. She was unable to keep him, having three cats herself, so we happily agreed to take him. We chose the name Indiana Jones for his sense of adventure.”

“As much as Indiana is fully committed to the idea that Twinkie wants to be stalked and pounced on at every opportunity by his 22lb self, his true occupation is as a food worshipper,” laughs Tori. “He will howl, moan, and whine until he gets wet food… even though dry food is always available. Though it must never fall below the half full mark to avoid panic!” I think all cat owners can agree with this hilarious statement.

When Indiana was young, Tori thought they should get him a playmate before Twinkie packed her bags and left home. Nelson, a cat rescued from a hoarding situation, was available for adoption at the Nova Scotia SPCA. Tori and her husband instantly fell in love and were devastated when they heard he was pending adoption. Luckily for Tori, the adoption fell through once Nelson’s age was assessed to be around eight years old. “I couldn’t bear the thought of a cat not having a home for one more night simply because of his age,” explains Tori. “He is the most loving, affectionate cat that I have ever known. He does have the oddest obsession with the vacuum. He would even ride around on our old vacuum!”

With every cat and dog adoption at the Nova Scotia SPCA, pets receive a FREE eight-week trial of SPCA Pet Health Insurance. Accident and illness coverage like hospitalization, medication and exam fees are included. Plus, every pet insurance purchase makes a difference and helps support our shelter pets. “When we were first told about it, we immediately had that ‘why didn’t we think of this?’ moment,” says Tori. “We arranged to have our other kittykids added to the policy right away.”

You cover the hugs and snuggles. SPCA Pet Health Insurance will help cover the bills.

“It wasn’t a big surprise when Indiana was diagnosed with diabetes at the end of 2018 although it was the timing that caught us off guard,” explains Tori. “At the time, we had been focused on Twinkie who had just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The realization of suddenly having two cats that would require lifelong management of their treatments was very overwhelming.”

“Knowing we had insurance to help with medication, testing, procedural expenses allowed us to focus on Indiana and Twinkie and managing their conditions,” Tori explains. “Indiana receives two insulin injections daily and Twinkie takes one pill and one liquid dose of medication per day. Both are seen regularly by our amazing vets who I jokingly refer to as their Godparents.”

“I would advise anyone to get pet insurance and the sooner they do it the better in order to benefit the most from their plan,” recommends Tori. “It truly gives us the greatest peace of mind and it allows us to ensure Twinkie, Indiana, and Nelson will always have the best veterinary care possible. I just couldn’t imagine what it would be like if we had never set up health insurance for our kittykids. We would have paid regardless, as our cats are our responsibility, but it would not have been easy.”

Now… the big question we have all been waiting for. Did Tori’s plan for a playmate for Indiana work?! “The plan for Nelson to distract Indy from Twinkie sort of backfired,” laughs Tori. “They both like to join in the chase together and drive her nuts. But, if anything, dodging them helps keep her agile.” So cute!

Tori’s SPCA Pet Health Insurance helps to keep all her fur family members safe and protected. You can learn more and get a free quote for your pet today here.

Taylor Mundy

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need.