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Three Special-Needs Kittens Find a Special Mom

There are special people in this world.  People with big hearts willing to step up to give... READ MOREabout Three Special-Needs Kittens Find a Special Mom

From Heartbreak to Happily-Ever-After

June 16th, 2019 was a dark day even though the sun was shining bright. That’s the day... READ MOREabout From Heartbreak to Happily-Ever-After

Certified in Unconditional Love

Graduating as the top pup of her class, Olive participated in the SPCA WOOF Program. WOOF,... READ MOREabout Certified in Unconditional Love

Little Critters, Big Love

Dogs – check.  Cats – check.  Most people know that the Nova Scotia SPCA has lots of... READ MOREabout Little Critters, Big Love