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Caring Heart, Caring Hands

It’s been said that volunteers are ordinary people with extraordinary hearts. They offer the gift of... READ MOREabout Caring Heart, Caring Hands

Famous Last Words

“Let’s just go see the shelter pets.” As an animal lover, you’ve probably either said or heard... READ MOREabout Famous Last Words

Diggory Finds a Doting Dad

Every animal that crosses the Nova Scotia SPCA’s doorstep is special. SPCA staff and volunteers work... READ MOREabout Diggory Finds a Doting Dad

I Didn’t Choose to be a Stray

A few years ago, one special poem touched the hearts of thousands of animal-lovers. Our very own... READ MOREabout I Didn’t Choose to be a Stray

Bilbo Waggins’ Incredible Journey

On June 25, 2020 SPCA Enforcement Officers responded to a dog running loose. He was starving;... READ MOREabout Bilbo Waggins’ Incredible Journey