How Your Giving Helps

A pet’s eyes have the power to tell stories.  Some animals could tell heartbreaking tales.

When you look into a pet’s eyes, you see their soul.  You see their pain.  You see their need for your love.  You see their unconditional love for you.

They don’t have a voice.  Generous animal-lovers – like you – are their only hope for a happy, healthy future.

The Nova Scotia SPCA does not receive any government funding to support our shelters.  Your kind donations will ensure that homeless and hurt pets are saved.  Sadly, there are always more.

From cruelty to abandonment – and everything else in between – every pet at the Nova Scotia SPCA has a story.  Donors help change their story into a happily-ever-after.

One Gift

With your help, every animal that comes through the doors at the Nova Scotia SPCA receives nutritious food, veterinary treatment, and most of all – love.  Your gift prepares them for their journey on finding their forever family.

Give Now

Monthly Gifts

Monthly donors provide loyal support that animals can count on.  Although we spring into action to rescue and provide life-saving treatment, the work to rehabilitate and protect pets continues year-round.

Give Monthly

Future Gifts

Pets give you unconditional love… and you have the powerful opportunity to make your love unconditional too.  By leaving a meaningful gift for the Nova Scotia SPCA in your will, you continue to transform the lives of local animals.

Give Later