The Paw Print

Queen of the Castle

Cat moms are queens. Quite literally. The term actually began in England a long, long time ago... READ MOREabout Queen of the Castle

Fostering a Pregnant Pup

Faye, a passionate animal-lover, has fostered pets for more than a decade. She has opened her... READ MOREabout Fostering a Pregnant Pup

Ducky’s So Lucky

On February 24th, two pint-sized pets – Ducky and her partner Bear – were surrendered to the... READ MOREabout Ducky’s So Lucky

Little Girl, Big Heart

Some of the smallest people have the biggest hearts when it comes to homeless animals. Take Jersey... READ MOREabout Little Girl, Big Heart

Rescued Blind Kitten Becomes Famous

Just a few weeks old, this stray kitten was struggling to survive on her own. Thankfully, she... READ MOREabout Rescued Blind Kitten Becomes Famous

I Didn’t Choose to be a Stray

A few years ago, one special poem touched the hearts of thousands of animal-lovers. Our very own... READ MOREabout I Didn’t Choose to be a Stray

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