The Paw Print

Running for Rescues

Ron Nugent was not always a runner. Fur-dad, beloved brother, teacher – yes. But not a runner. On... READ MOREabout Running for Rescues

The Perfect 4-Pack: Moose’s Story

John Bennet and his partner Marchell Lynk have never been shy about taking on a challenge. And... READ MOREabout The Perfect 4-Pack: Moose’s Story

Auction for Animals

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds launched Operation Inspiration to share some positivity in a challenging time. They started... READ MOREabout Auction for Animals

Overcoming the Litterbox Blues

After a flawless record for years, your cat stops using their litterbox and begins leaving little ‘presents’... READ MOREabout Overcoming the Litterbox Blues

Power of Pets

The bond we share with our pets is so powerful. They bring us comfort, companionship, and motivation.... READ MOREabout Power of Pets

SPCA Pet Health Insurance to the Rescue

When it comes to your pets, we know you want to give them the best life possible.... READ MOREabout SPCA Pet Health Insurance to the Rescue

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