Elizabeth Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

A pet enthusiast who works to ensure that all companion animals have access to fabulous homes and healthcare. Favourite pastimes include: dreaming up unique programming ideas which is much appreciated by SPCA staff who already have full workloads, and working out how to secure enough funding so the SPCA can afford to operate said unique programs. Favourite color is brown & beige because pet hair won’t show. Favourite song is “Who Let the Dogs Out” because she knows who let the dogs out and is proud of her role in it.

Sandra Flemming

Provincial Director of Animal Care

Dedicated to only the best outcomes for all animals under the care of the SPCA; Sandra has the energy of a puppy combined with the nature of a wild kitten and an extraordinary ability to tame the chaos that is the one constant of any animal shelter. Favorite pastimes include ensuring the SPCA operates at the highest standard of animal care and tending to the menagerie of animals recuperating in her office. Favourite song is Animal House because it reminds her of her favorite place in the world to be.

Jo-Anne Landsburg

Chief Provincial Inspector

As leader of the SPCA Enforcement Team, this pet detective is dedicated to protecting and serving animals in distress. Favourite pastimes include tracking down animals in need and educating their owners about how a healthy well cared for pet makes for safer communities. Favourite colour is navy blue because it has a calming effect on people and animals.  Favourite song is also “Who Let the Dogs Out” because she made it happen it was the right thing to do.

Karen DeWolfe
Director of Finance

Interested primarily in maximizing the return on dollars spent to improve the lives of animals in the care of the SPCA. Favorite pastimes include working as an Enforcement Officer a few days a month and helping when needed in SPCA Shelters and Hospitals around the province. Favourite colour is green for obvious reasons and favourite song is “This Old Man” because he implored people to give the dog a bone.

info@spcans.ca | 844-835-4798

Liz LeClair, CFRE
Director of Advancement


lleclair@spcans.ca | 902-410-7242

Jennifer Nolan
Director of Shelter Services

An animal lover is an understatement for this young woman. During her days spent at the office, she is one person you can almost guarantee will have a furry friend sharing her space. Jennifer works endless hours to help provide around-the-clock service to animals in need from one end of the province to the other.

info@spcans.ca | 844-835-4798

Marni Tuttle
Director of External Relations

Making sure every gift makes the donor and the animal feel good. When Marni is not raising money for the SPCA you’ll find her off making her a community a better place at one of her many volunteer activities.  Favourite colour is green because she’s determined to have an ev charger station at every shelter. Favourite song is “Never gonna give you up” because she’s never gonna let you down.

mtuttle@spcans.ca | 844-835-4798 ext 231

Heather Woodin
Director of Programs and Administration

The epitome of a cat lady – but there is no crazy here. Can be found evenings and weekends scouring the province for cats in need with her phone in hand so she can quickly respond to questions. Favourite pastimes include tucking motherless kittens in her clothes to keep them warm while compiling data so the best decisions possible are made for the animals. Favorite song is Cats in the Cradle…because obviously!

info@spcans.ca | 844-835-4798

Courtney Barber
Director of Retail Operations & Branding

Did you know that shopping can save lives? As director of Retail Operations & Branding, Courtney strives to ensure to it does, when you shop at our SPCA thrift stores across the province! Our little stores are small, but mighty, creating sustainable consistent revenue for our animal shelters across Nova Scotia, while focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling to limit our carbon foot print. Courtney focuses on strengthening the brand of our society in the community, spreading the message of our programs abs services – working closely alongside volunteers at our tax free, boutique style thrift shops with rock bottom prices. Helping Nova Scotians with access to basic household items, clothing and accessories at very affordable prices, while maximizing donors contributions to our store to make as much money as possible for our furry friends.