Found a Stray

Stray Cats

If the cat is in immediate need of medical help please call your local SPCA right away. If the cat is not in immediate need of medical help, click here and follow the steps to attempt to identify if the cat has an owner.

Depending on the space and time of year we may be able to help immediately or we may ask you to keep an eye on the kitty until we are able to help. We always make space to help pregnant strays, kittens or injured animals immediately.


Feral (wild) cats cannot be touched and do not want to be touched by people. We are unable to accept feral cats into our care for several reasons including the safety of staff and volunteers to properly house these cats, the undue stress it causes on a cat, and the inability to rehabilitate these cats without long intensive foster placements beyond our resources.

To help feral cats, we operate a Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program during the summer months.

Stray Dogs

Contact your local Municipal Animal Control and click here to follow the steps listed. Loose or roaming dogs are covered under your local municipal by-laws so they will have someone come pick up the dog safely.

In some areas in Nova Scotia, the SPCA is contracted to provide this service, but in many areas, it is provided by your Municipality directly.

We usually have many empty spaces to take in cats or dogs that need rehoming. During the extremely busy few months, which tends to be July – October, we may ask you to continue caring for the pet temporarily. However, this depends on the situation so please do not hesitate to call us at any time of year. Animals that are injured, sick, or stray kittens are top priority and are taken into care very quickly.

The Nova Scotia SPCA does not charge surrender fees. We are a registered charity that operates on fundraising and donations, so we will ask you if you are able to contribute towards the cost of the surrendered pet. Adoption fees do not nearly cover the cost of caring for the animals. If you are not able to financially contribute we will not refuse to help your pet or the stray cat or dog you have found.

For issues of aggressive or unwanted behavior, please contact us to discuss options. We can provide you support and recommendations on what could be the best resource for your pet. We may not be able to take in pets with certain behavioural issues that are beyond our ability to rehabilitate but strive to leave you with options. Please call for more information so we can talk through the situation.