Affinity Renewables

Affinity Renewables is a limited liability company formed by the Nova Scotia SPCA and our partnered commercial wind developer: RMS Energy.

Led by Reuben Burge, the primary goal is to satisfy the technical and business requirements of Nova Scotia’s COMFIT program and to install upwards of 20 MW of new wind energy that will help the province in meeting renewable energy standards.


Affinity Renewables helps to support lifesaving work at the Nova Scotia SPCA. For the past ten years, this partnership has provided reliable funding which aids in the development of long-term planning and new programming that is critical to our achieving our mission and vision.


RMS Energy, under Reuben’s leadership, has established numerous projects in Nova Scotia in his career. His largest and most well-known project is the 51 MW Dalhousie Mountain Wind Farm. Reuben is passionate about humane education, animal protection and animal care.


This provides loyal support that animals can count on.  Although the SPCA springs into action to rescue and provide life-saving treatment, the work to rehabilitate and protect pets continues year-round. Check out some of the progressive programs this has helped to make possible here.

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