The Paw Print

Magical Fairy Tail

Sarah, 17, is a CO-OP Student at Lockview High School. She wrote this magical fairy-tail of her... READ MOREabout Magical Fairy Tail

Tiny Tootsies, Huge Spirit

Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes. Take little Tinker for example. A pint-sized ball of feline... READ MOREabout Tiny Tootsies, Huge Spirit

Foster Turned Forever

Some pets need a little extra TLC or are too young for adoption. To help them grow... READ MOREabout Foster Turned Forever

Skipping School to Save Shelter Pets

Lila, 7, is a cat fanatic. In fact, her second word was “meow.” Her 9-year-old twin brothers,... READ MOREabout Skipping School to Save Shelter Pets

Bear Touches Hearts Near and Far

You may have heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” I think it... READ MOREabout Bear Touches Hearts Near and Far

Heaven Helps Homeless Animals

What’s in a name? Perhaps a great deal. This is the story of a sweet dog named... READ MOREabout Heaven Helps Homeless Animals

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