The Paw Print

Four-legged Superheroes

Dogs are loving, loyal and supportive. So… what could be better than one dog? Well, how about... READ MOREabout Four-legged Superheroes

Lifelong Dream of Changing Lives

Ever since Ryan Maclean was a young boy, he always loved dogs. He enjoyed learning and teaching... READ MOREabout Lifelong Dream of Changing Lives

How a Pussycat Became a Princess

Inspiration………. it’s what speaks to our hearts………. lets us turn our passion into action……. lets us do... READ MOREabout How a Pussycat Became a Princess

Winnie Inspires a Win-Win

It’s said that pets come into our lives to teach us about love. We open our homes... READ MOREabout Winnie Inspires a Win-Win

Leigh-Anne’s Legacy

We all have someone who left a lasting mark on our lives. Someone who taught us what... READ MOREabout Leigh-Anne’s Legacy

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