The Paw Print

Little Critters, Big Love

Dogs – check.  Cats – check.  Most people know that the Nova Scotia SPCA has lots of... READ MOREabout Little Critters, Big Love

Love Wins

Many things changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your love and dedication for homeless pets never wavered.... READ MOREabout Love Wins

Loki Leaves His Past Behind

On November 2nd last year, Mandy Morgan and her parents adopted a deserving dog from the Nova... READ MOREabout Loki Leaves His Past Behind

Win Big & Save Lives

With no ongoing government funding to support our shelters, COVID-19 hit the SPCA hard. All fundraisers and events... READ MOREabout Win Big & Save Lives

Life After a Puppy Mill

On December 10th, 35 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill. Not long after being in our... READ MOREabout Life After a Puppy Mill

Lost & Found

“Missing pet” is something we all fear to hear. Unfortunately, in North America, a pet is lost... READ MOREabout Lost & Found

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