The Paw Print

Paws Off Our Claws

March 15, 2018, was a happy and historic day for cats in Nova Scotia.  That’s when we officially... READ MOREabout Paws Off Our Claws

Legacy of Love

We all have a story to tell and a legacy to leave.  SPCA Champions, Lorey and Brent... READ MOREabout Legacy of Love

The Miracle of Microchips

Do you believe in miracles?  Ron Murray and Tammy MacLeod do.  And they owe their miracle to... READ MOREabout The Miracle of Microchips

Pringles’ Happy Tail

This next kitty needs no introduction… because she’s famous!  Do you remember Pringles?  Pringles was suffering as... READ MOREabout Pringles’ Happy Tail


When Linda Cleroux had surgery to remove a brain tumour, her husband Kevin, thought the worst was... READ MOREabout Soulmates

Happy Friendship Day

You’re never too small to make a difference.  Just ask eight-year-old Lily Stewart from Stellarton! When Lily was... READ MOREabout Happy Friendship Day

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