Mother’s Day Gifts that Give Back

By Judy Layne

May 12th is Mother’s Day.  Whether it’s your mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, aunt or any woman who has had a positive impact on your life, Mother’s Day gives us the chance to show the special women in our lives how much we care.

This year, why not honor someone on Mother’s Day with a gift that can give back?  Here are some thoughtful ideas for gifts that can make a big difference in the lives of homeless animals and help the Nova Scotia SPCA to continue their life-saving work.

When you make a gift below in celebration of your mom, you’ll receive a free, decorative e-card to send along too!

MICROCHIPPING – $30  Microchipping keeps families together and helps lost pets find their way home.

FOSTER FAMILY ANIMAL KIT – $45  Foster families open their hearts and homes to animals in need.  They supply the love; the Nova Scotia SPCA supplies everything else.

LIFE SAVING MEDICATION – $75  The Nova Scotia SPCA is proudly no-kill and will tackle the most difficult medical cases that every animal is safe, healthy and happy.

ITTY BITTY BOTTLE BABIES  – $110  Orphaned kittens need round-the-clock care and feeding.  Dedicated staff and volunteers provide loving care for them until they’re ready for adoption.

GIFTS IN MEMORY  If your loved one has passed away, you can honor her memory and celebrate her life with a gift that gives back to homeless animals.

Want some additional inspiration?  Here are two fun ideas for activities you can do together with your special someone on Mother’s Day (or any day during the year for that matter).

  1. Visit one of the SPCA’s shelters.  Cuddle some kitties or walk a dog. Who knows, you could find a four-legged fur-baby that you can’t resist adopting!
  2. Visit one of the SPCA’s Thrift Stores.  Shop till you drop at one of the SPCA’s 4 Thrift Stores throughout the province.  Exciting new and gently used items arrive daily and you’re sure to find some great buys.

Whatever gift you choose, you’ll be providing a second chance at happiness for the thousands of homeless animals that cross the NS SPCA’s doorstep each year.

Thank you!  Happy Mother’s Day!!

Judy Layne

Judy is a dedicated volunteer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Gracie. She is committed to speaking for animals who cannot speak for themselves.