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Certified in Unconditional Love

Graduating as the top pup of her class, Olive participated in the SPCA WOOF Program. WOOF,... READ MOREabout Certified in Unconditional Love

Being There, Always

From the moment Laurel came into the world, Orlean knew her daughter was special.  At just 2lbs... READ MOREabout Being There, Always

Win Big & Save Lives

With no ongoing government funding to support our shelters, COVID-19 hit the SPCA hard. All fundraisers and events... READ MOREabout Win Big & Save Lives

Life After a Puppy Mill

On December 10th, 35 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill. Not long after being in our... READ MOREabout Life After a Puppy Mill

Lost & Found

“Missing pet” is something we all fear to hear. Unfortunately, in North America, a pet is lost... READ MOREabout Lost & Found