By Christa Jensen

When Linda Cleroux had surgery to remove a brain tumour, her husband Kevin, thought the worst was over. No amount of planning could have prepared them for the devastating news they got one year later — the cancer had returned, and this time it was incurable.

“We were celebrating that Linda had beat this thing,” Kevin said. “The news was crushing.”

Between treatments, Linda’s spirits were down. Knowing how much she loved animals, Kevin thought that volunteering at the SPCA would take her mind off things so they headed over to the shelter one sunny afternoon to walk dogs.  They had been missing their dog, Rocky, who passed away earlier and figured it would brighten some of the darkness they were feeling.

That’s when a big loveable dog named Reese slobbered her way into their hearts. They were thrilled to find out that Reese had an adoption pending and would soon have a family of her own but sad at the same time, that she wouldn’t be with them.

Knowing how head over heels Linda was about Reese, Kevin couldn’t help but check back for the chance that she would return.  He checked the adoption board repeatedly until one day, to his amazement, Reese’s picture was there after her first adoption didn’t work out. Kevin knew it was meant to be so he immediately adopted Reese for Linda.

“Linda and I fell in love the moment we met. I believe fate brought us together and there is no doubt in my mind that Reese was destined to be in our lives as well.”

In the months that followed, Reese — or Reesie as she’s often called now — never left Linda’s side. Even though they were only together a short time before Linda went into the hospital, they had formed a remarkable bond. What really surprised Kevin was the way Reese was there for him too.

“My little doll, Reesie, has brought me a lot of comfort when I needed it.” Kevin said. “She got me through the toughest time in my life and I love her very much.”

Sadly, this month marks one year since Linda lost her courageous battle with cancer. In Linda’s honour, Kevin made a generous donation to the Nova Scotia SPCA so that other pets can find a forever family and benefit in the same way they have.  “Linda had great love for all animals, especially her dogs,” Kevin shared.  “She would be very happy knowing that her love is living on.”

You can honour a loved one’s legacy by making a gift to the SPCA in their memory.  You will help make a difference for abandoned, abused and injured pets and provide them with a brighter future.  Make a gift in tribute of your special animal-lover today with a gift to the SPCA.

Christa Jensen

Christa is the Director of Development for the Nova Scotia SPCA. As an animal lover, she is very passionate about animal welfare and working with philanthropists to give pets the happiness they deserve. Christa and husband Matthew, are proud parents of two children – one with paws and one without.