Jethro’s Happy Tail

By Taylor Mundy

Jethro’s eyes could tell stories.  As an eight-year-old stray kitty, he struggled to survive in the cold outdoor elements.  Jethro was scooped up and brought to the Nova Scotia SPCA to be nursed back to health.

We noticed right away that Jethro was limping and had a few broken teeth.  He was lethargic, thirsty and was constantly filling his litter box.  We knew he desperately needed medical attention.  We have in-house veterinarians at our SPCA Animal Hospitals and Clinics, so Jethro was able to be cared for right away.

Upon further investigation, we found out why he was limping.  Two of Jethro’s toe beans on his right paw were deformed from previous trauma.  The decision was made to undergo surgery so it would not become worse or cause any more distress.  But that wasn’t all.

Jethro’s bloodwork showed that he has early renal disease.

This results in the gradual loss of kidney function.  Although there is no cure, with diagnosis and treatment, you can help boost both the quality and length of life.  Because of his diagnosis, Jethro joined the SPCA Palliative Care program.  The SPCA Palliative Care program is where we continue to pay for the pet’s ongoing medical care while they live with a loving family.  This allows senior pets with manageable health concerns to live the rest of their lives happy and healthy.

Lynn Redmond has always been a supporter of the SPCA.  In fact, she helped start a fundraiser for Noble Grape called “Wine and Whiskers” raising nearly $2,000 to help local pets in need.  So, when Lynn and her husband decided they were ready for a furry friend, they headed straight to the SPCA.

On the way there, they chatted that a 3 or 4-year-old short-haired cat would be ideal.  Jethro convinced them otherwise.  He came right out of his kennel to greet them and practically jumped into their arms.  Jethro had a palliative sticker, so they headed to the front desk to inquire and found out about his kidney disease.

This hit home for Lynn’s family.  Her husband had donated a kidney to his father more than 20 years ago and he had been living with them for the past 6 months until he passed away in December.  They turned to each other and Lynn’s husband said, “obviously we are taking him… he has kidney disease.”  Lynn agreed!

“Jethro was the perfect choice to bring a little happiness into our home,” says Lynn.  “His favourite things to do are meow for dinner, drink water out of my glass on the nightstand, watch bird videos on YouTube, and play with an old tape measure (despite the fancy toys we got for him).”

“It is a big decision to decide to adopt a palliative pet, but it is so rewarding to see Jethro happy and purring,” Lynn shares.  “He is so loving and affectionate, and we are happy to keep him safe and warm for the remainder of his time with us.  We can’t remember life before Jethro, it’s like he’s always been here.”

“With the support from the SPCA, we have extra time to love and take care of him without the added stress of his medical expenses. Plus, seniors are awesome!  Lots of naps and cuddles.  I have already told friends looking to adopt about this great program.  Our hearts are full.”  Jethro’s heart is full, too.


You can help cover the medical costs and save lives by donating to the SPCA today.  Click here to give another pet, like Jethro, a second chance.



Taylor Mundy

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need.