Four-legged Superheroes

By Taylor Mundy

Dogs are loving, loyal and supportive. So… what could be better than one dog? Well, how about two dogs?!

Brenda and John were inspired to be a two-dog family. On top of doubling the cuteness, they believed having two dogs provided added benefits for playtime and training.

Timber, their first SPCA alumni, was incredibly smart and intuitive. In fact, he was a self-taught seizure alert dog for John when he was experiencing medically unexplained episodes. Timber’s superpowers helped detect John’s ever-changing brain patterns minutes before John or Brenda were aware. Not only would he tug at John’s sleeve until he followed Timber to a couch or bed, but Timber would also fetch Brenda and watch over John until he recovered.

Naturally, because of this, Brenda and John trusted Timber’s instincts. Timber was officially in charge of choosing his partner.

Brenda and John had a number of meet-and-greets at the Dartmouth SPCA to see who the best fit for their family would be. “As female dogs were brought out to meet him, he began bouncing on his two back legs and barking his head off,” recalled Brenda. “Timber was almost renamed Tigger to accurately depict his overly exuberant personality. Each would take one look at his enthusiastic antics and back away.”

Finally, only one female dog, Katie, was left. It was a perfect match! Katie instantly loved Timber and he loved her right back.

But Katie still had a long journey of healing ahead.

Rescued in 2008 with dozens of other pets, Katie was pregnant and rushed in for immediate care. Before coming to the SPCA, Katie was extremely neglected. She was still recovering physically and emotionally when she gave birth to 9 puppies. Katie was a great mama and gave her pups the love and care she never had.

“Katie was ‘trained’ by Timber who absolutely loved teaching her how to be a pet dog,” Brenda remembered. Katie needed one-on-one support to learn how to trust again. Slowly but surely, Timber helped inspire Katie to forgive and she warmed up to humans.

“In time, she began coming to us for love and pats and subsequently became the sweetest dog ever,” Brenda explained. “As Katie emotionally healed, she began loving every human and dog she met. She also became a playful puppy again.”

Katie began to show off her adorable personality and her special superpower… “Unconditional love (especially giving kisses) and forgiveness,” shared Brenda.

Sadly, Timber made his way to Rainbow Bridge. Katie, Brenda and John miss Timber but are thankful to have each other and their health. “She and Timber always slept beside one another on dog beds in our bedroom,” Brenda recalled.

In time, Katie will help choose the next doggo that Brenda and John will welcome into their loving family. Until then, they are cherishing each and every day they have with Katie. Where Katie was rescued, we were unsure of her age. Brenda shared with us the exciting news that Katie’s veterinarian aged her to be around 21 years old. That means Katie would be more than 100 years old in human years! “She is rather slow-moving and cautious these days,” explained Brenda. “However, she can still move very quickly when she sees a squirrel; but has never been fast enough to catch one (thankfully).”

Brenda shared that she hopes learning about Timber and Katie’s superpowers helps to inspire more people to adopt and support the SPCA. “I highly recommend that potential dog owners check out the SPCA,” she said. “Patience is key to finding the perfect dog to adopt. The reward far exceeds the wait time.”

Plus, you never know what doggo superpower you will get! “Katie can raise the roof off the house when she snores,” giggled Brenda. “While not really a superpower, it makes us happy and smile knowing she is still with us!”


Taylor Mundy

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie and Clyde. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need.