The Rescue Warriors

By Taylor Mundy

A group of young kiddos appropriately named the Rescue Warriors have set out to help pets in need. The small but mighty group of adorable animal advocates help the SPCA by raising funds and awareness.

This is all started five years ago with the support of parents and their daycare leader, Sandie, from Sandie’s In-Home Childcare. “I have been a strong advocate for all animals,” explains Sandie. “I believe they need our voices in order to live a safe and healthy life.”

Ranging in ages from 5-13, the Rescue Warriors are all bonded by their love for animals. “When you put children and animals together, they just seem to gravitate to each other – no words needed!” Sandie shares. “I started the Rescue Warriors with a small group of maybe 7 children and we are now at 17 kids.”

The Rescue Warrior’s first donation was after their popular lemonade stand. Loonies and toonies may not feel like all that much but everything adds up. They raised approximately $500!

Since then, they have tripled that amount raising $1,500 to help pets at the SPCA. How amazing!

We asked the members what their favourite thing about fundraising and supporting the SPCA is.

“Helping animals in need of food and water.” – Caden

“It feels good fundraising and knowing that we have helped lots of animals.” – Karsen

“Raising money with my friends and Sandie” – Emma

“Helping the animals out when in need or waiting for a forever home.” – Lexie and Luc

“I am an animal lover and I love doing the lemonade stand to support the animals in need of a new home and help and food….and also for the free lemonade.” – Max

All of the Rescue Warriors agreed that it felt good to hang out with their friends and do something really great for animals. Most of them even exclaimed they would love to help animals and work with them when they grow up!

When we asked the Rescue Warriors why they think it is important for kids to get involved to help animals, their responses were inspirational:

“Animals are important. It teaches us about all the good we do for animals to help them.” – Lexie and Luc

“It will help them to grow up to be nice people and appreciate animals. It will also help them be responsible as grown-ups.” – Max

“People really like animals and I would do anything to help them.” – Caden

“We learn that animals are important and need our help if they don’t have a home.” – Emma

“I think it’s important to get involved and help animals because we are the younger generation and we need to take care of our environment, animals etc. It’s a great feeling to do something to help others.” – Karsen

“I am beyond proud of the children and parents and people giving donations,” exclaims Sandie. “Our Rescue Warriors are receiving donations from as far as Boston and Ontario through family members. With each year we are growing. We have no plans on stopping anytime soon.”

“I really feel this yearly event brings out the best in these children,” says Sandie. “They are so proud of themselves and it is truly a team effort. They wait anxiously to get their t-shirts each year and get the finalized total brought in. An event of love for the animals we are so proud of!”

Their kindness and generosity truly show that you can never be too small to make a big difference. On behalf of our furry friends, we would love to give a big THANK YOU to the Rescue Warriors: Keigan, Deserie, Alexa, Lily, Max, Madison, Kylie, Mason, Emma, Brooklyn, Karsen, Grace, Caden, Austin, Carter, Jill, Luc, Willa, and Sandie.


Feeling inspired? You can host your own virtual event or fundraiser to help care for furry friends in need. Click here to learn more.


Taylor Mundy

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need.