Kitten Season

We're Expecting!

Kitten season sounds like it would be a magical time with their tiny toe-beans and adorable purrs. While they are irresistibly cute, thousands of kittens can roll in at once, making kitten season the most challenging time of the year for shelters and rescues.

With the warm weather approaching, many unfixed cats go into heat, and our SPCA shelters become flooded with abandoned, injured, and orphaned kittens.

Learn how to get involved and lend a helping paw below.

Kitten Shower

With their cuteness, kittens bring additional expenses on our already very tight resources. You can host a virtual kitten shower to help care for thousands of innocent kitties.

The most effective way to help is by rallying your friends and family and raising funds for the SPCA.

We have amazing ‘paw’nters who generously give us discounts on supplies so we can maximize your donation and sometimes get twice as much food, toys, and treats! Donations also help to vaccinate, spay/neuter, and find loving, forever families.

Host a Kitten Shower

Accidental Litter

Unexpectedly find yourself with many new sets of tiny paws in the house and don’t know what to do? The P.U.P Program, which stands for Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies, is here to help.

Contact us to book an appointment and we will fix your female dog or cat for free, AND fully vet and find loving homes for the puppies or kittens.

Call 1-844-835-4798 or fill out the form below today.

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We’re always adding new cute faces as they become available. Continue to check back to our website as we have many kittens that will be returning from foster homes soon.

Adopt a Friend


Some animals need a little extra ‘TLC’ or are too young to be adopted. The SPCA provides all the supplies and foster families provide love, attention and nurturing.

Sign Up to Foster


With Trap, Neuter, Return, also known as TNR, volunteers are needed to assist with trapping, transporting, and caring for cats while they recover from surgery.

Apply to Volunteer

Found Kittens or a Stray Cat?

If the cat is in immediate need of medical help please call your local SPCA right away. If the cat is not in immediate need of medical help, click here and follow the steps to attempt to identify if the cat has an owner.

Depending on space we may be able to help immediately or we may ask you to keep an eye on the kitty until we are able to help. We always make space to help pregnant strays, kittens, or injured animals immediately.

If the cat is feral, cannot be touched, and does not want to be touched by people, learn more here.

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