Bonded Besties

By Taylor Huestis

No one knows about their history, or what their past life was like… But what we are certain of, is Indie and Dupont have a special love story.

Spotted roaming the streets together, concerned animal lovers reached out to the Nova Scotia SPCA for help. Indie and Dupont were extremely nervous of humans and would dash away as soon as anyone got close.

After multiple attempts to bring them in, we knew we needed to try a humane kennel approach. To rescue them, we left out a kennel filled with tasty food.

What happened next… no one could have expected.

Dupont went into the kennel and the door automatically shut. And although Indie could have run off, she chose to stay by Dupont’s side. The two pups were safely brought into our shelter – together.

While in our care, they continued to want to spend all their time with one another, always looking to each other for support. Indie, a six-year-old Great Pyrenees mix, was like a soft, gentle giant. She slowly warmed up to the staff whereas Dupont, a five-year-old lab mix, took a lot longer to gain his trust.

Our team worked hard to teach them that humans are kind and loving. Some days there were setbacks, but slowly they made positive progress.

Being fearful dogs, we knew they would need people who were patient and understanding. Where they had been each other’s support system through everything, we hoped to find a special home for both of them together.

That’s when they met Danielle.

“Indie caught our eyes immediately and very quickly warmed up (with the help of food bribes) but Dupont was pretty nervous,” Danielle recalled. “We visited them multiple times and it just felt right.”

So, they made it official. The two pups were adopted and given new names for their new lives. Indie is now called Rosie, and Dupont is named Kevin – full name Kevin Bacon.

“Kevin only let us pet him very briefly at the SPCA but the first night we brought them home Kevin realized we were his friends, he just opened right up,” Danielle smiled. “He was immediately pretty cuddly and taking selfies with us. He loves cuddles! Our friendship has just strengthened since then. Rosie was always pretty welcoming to us, but she’s been even more so now.”

“We’ve had plenty of nice memories along the way,” Danielle continued. “Kevin gets so excited for kibble that he dances on his back legs, loves the couch more than anything, and sleeps under our bed at night. Rosie loves looking at herself in the mirror, sitting cross-legged like a princess, and frolicking in the snow.”

With the cold winter weather, we’re so thankful that we were able to rescue and rehabilitate these bonded besties.

Although we thought we were teaching them, it turns out they have some lessons to teach us. “No matter how busy life gets, you always have time to cuddle a dog on the couch,” Danielle shared.

And maybe the biggest lesson of all? You can get through anything with a special friend by your side.


Taylor Huestis

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive paw-rent to Bonnie and Boy. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local pets and loving families. Connect with Taylor at or 902-222-0378 today.