It’s Hip to Snip

By Taylor Huestis

Beginning way back in 1979 and continuing for the next three decades, Bob Barker, the beloved past host of the Price is Right, finished each episode with his mantra message: “This is Bob Barber reminding you to help control the pet population – have your pets spayed or neutered.”

Bob’s voice is one among thousands who have helped create a humane movement to reduce the number of homeless animals. Spaying/neutering is one of the most important things you can do for your pet, your family, and your community.

It’s also one of the many services offered to everyone at the SPCA Veterinary Hospital.

“Spaying/neutering your pet is an important part of responsible pet ownership not only to help control the pet population but also to help reduce the risk of certain health conditions in your pet,” Dr. Wuhr, the Director of Veterinary Services at the Nova Scotia SPCA, explained. “Neutering or spaying has a profound effect on reducing and/or eliminating the incidence of diseases that involve the reproductive system.”

“Spaying or neutering does not change their personality, but it can help decrease some undesirable behaviours such as urine marking/spraying in the house, roaming, and lessening hormonal aggression between males,” Dr. Wuhr added.

Adam’s family was looking to add another furry friend into the mix. Adam, his wife, and three kids had previously adopted an adorable cat, Pickles, from the SPCA. Pickles needed a buddy. So, when a family friend reached out and said they knew a nice lady needing a home for one kitten, they thought it was fate.

“We immediately said yes and would take her (Dill) home,” Adam recalled. “The next day she had sent us pictures but then we found out Dill’s sister (Randy) didn’t have a home. I went with my heart and said yes right away. Something just told me the two of them are the ones and we can give them a great home and the rest is history.”

Because Adam adopted Pickles from the SPCA, they were somewhat familiar with the SPCA Veterinary Hospital. “But we didn’t realize we had access to it if we needed it,” Adam shared. “When we decided to get Randy and Dill spayed we got in contact and wanted to show support so we decided to take them to the SPCA Veterinary Hospital.”

That’s one of the best parts about the SPCA Veterinary Hospital.

When you book your pet’s vet appointment with the SPCA Veterinary Hospital, you help all pets. Profits from our social enterprise hospital are used to care for pets and families in need. That means more animals will get the medical, surgical, and wellness care they deserve.

Randy and Dill had a wonder-fur experience. They were dropped off in the morning and picked up mid-afternoon. “Recovery was simple but being kittens keeping the cones on after the spay was a challenge,” Adam giggled. “We were able to get it done and both cats recovered within a week or two with no issues.”

Randy and Dill will reap lots of benefits now that they are both spayed. Dr. Wuhr shared:

  • For gals – “Spaying your dog or cat will reduce her risk of developing mammary tumors and eliminate the incidence of diseases that involve the reproductive system.”
  • For the fellas – “Neutering your dog or cat can help reduce their risk of prostate problems and prevent testicular cancer.”

So, when you get your pet fixed your pet will live a longer, healthier, and happier life. You’ll also avoid expensive and serious health problems in the future.

A big thank you to Adam’s family for booking Randy and Dill’s appointments with the SPCA Veterinary Hospital and making the important decision to spay it forward.



Taylor Huestis

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie and Boy. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need. Connect with Taylor at or 902-222-0378 today.