The Cat Who Broke INTO the Shelter

By Taylor Mundy

Homeless pets are brought to the SPCA all the time. Sometimes they are surrendered because their owner passed away. Other times they are rescued from abuse or abandonment. On average, 20 pets are brought to safety at the SPCA every single day.

But it isn’t often that a cat comes to us all on their own.

So, we were shocked to see a fluffy buff-coloured kitty strutting outside the Kings SPCA Animal Shelter. Unsure of where he came from, staff and volunteers were hoping to bring him inside and affectionately named him Hobo. We caught Hobo intently watching as pets would leave the shelter with their new families. It must have been during one of those short visits that Hobo devised his plan to break in and find his own family too.

To help entice Hobo to come closer, we left out a few tasty treats. It was a success! Within one day, Hobo was being showered with love from inside the shelter. Even though his belly was full of tapeworms and he was covered in filth, he was friendly and seemed to appreciate the care.

Hobo was medically treated but he still had some sensitivity in his back leg. We explored further and discovered that he has arthritis and a grade 2/6 heart murmur. Even though they sound scary, thankfully both are treatable.

Hobo was placed with a loving foster family while we tried to figure out a diet that worked for his needs. Rose began fostering for the SPCA back in 2019 and has cared for 4 kittens and 3 cats – each coming with their own unique personalities. “I have always wanted to help animals in any way I can and when volunteering at the SPCA I began to see how many cats need that extra help to find their furever homes,” she shared. Rose hopes to be a veterinarian someday and has a true passion for animal care.

“When Hobo first came to our home he was instantly wanting love and attention,” Rose giggled. “He had some patches of fur missing and a completely shaved tail but that didn’t stop us from falling in love with him (after a nice bath of course).”

Rose, Hobo and her dog spent four months together and became the best of friends. “I think the most special part of our experience was his transformation,” she recalled. “With any foster you spend so much time with them and watch them grow into better versions of themselves it is truly a rewarding feeling to have. Saying goodbye is never easy but knowing that I did the best I could to get them ready for their furever homes always puts a smile on my face.” Rose shared that Hobo was one of her hardest goodbyes.

While Hobo was in foster care, we needed to experiment with different diets and medication to help with his digestive problems. His food and medical care were all covered thanks to generous donors. One of those donors was a 17-year-old student from Eskasoni.

“When I had first read Hobo’s story about him and his heart murmur, I instantly had made a connection between him and myself,” they shared. “When I was a kid, I had a couple of episodes where I was brought to the hospital because of my heart murmur. I remembered how painful they felt and the long moments in the hospital just wanting to go home and it had really just brought me into Hobo’s story. I knew I had to help him in any way possible. Every dollar counts and helps bring us closer to the goal, especially ones that really speak out to you! I hope that others can read this and know that no matter how much you give, it all helps and can change a life for the better.”

Hobo was medically cleared for adoption and it was not long before he was scooped up. A lifelong animal lover, Janice’s heart was still broken after the loss of her 2 cats. She wasn’t sure she was ready to bring another pet into her life. That is… until she saw Hobo’s sweet face posted online for adoption.

“I went to Waterville to meet him and he reached out and put both paws on my chest, bonked me in the head and rubbed my face with his,” she smiled. “How couldn’t I take him home?!”

Thanks to fabulous fosters like Rose, kind donors like the student, and amazing adopters like Janice, Hobo got the care and support he needed. We think it’s safe to say his master plan to break into the SPCA and find a family worked purrrrrfectly.


Feeling inspired? You can make more happily-ever-afters like this happen by adopting or donating today.


Taylor Mundy

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie and Clyde. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need.