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A High-Tech High-Flying Kitty

In November last year, 72 cats and kittens were rescued and brought to the Nova Scotia SPCA... READ MOREabout A High-Tech High-Flying Kitty

Queen of the Castle

Cat moms are queens. Quite literally. The term actually began in England a long, long time ago... READ MOREabout Queen of the Castle

Rescued Blind Kitten Becomes Famous

Just a few weeks old, this stray kitten was struggling to survive on her own. Thankfully, she... READ MOREabout Rescued Blind Kitten Becomes Famous

I Didn’t Choose to be a Stray

A few years ago, one special poem touched the hearts of thousands of animal-lovers. Our very own... READ MOREabout I Didn’t Choose to be a Stray

Puuurrmanent Mental Health Hero

This past year has been extremely difficult on everyone. COVID-19 put a serious emotional strain on all... READ MOREabout Puuurrmanent Mental Health Hero