Tank’s Happy Tail

By Taylor Mundy

8-year-old Tank was fighting to survive on the streets.  He was missing an ear and was filled with scars, open wounds and broken teeth.  All that changed in cold January when he was brought to the Nova Scotia SPCA.

Our veterinary team treated the wounds on Tank’s face and provided him with the extensive dental care required.  He received around-the-clock medical care and quickly recovered.  Like all SPCA adoptable animals, Tank was fixed so he will not reproduce any kittens that could potentially suffer as a stray like he did.  Once medically cleared, it was time to find Tank a loving home.

Tank became a local celebrity and was featured on Jack 92.9’s Wet Nose Wednesday segment. A few days later, he locked eyes with his fur-mama Ruby and they became an instant best friends.  Tank fulfilled his lifelong dream of having a family of his own.

Now that Tank has settled into his new home he gets into a different kind of trouble.  He is always on the hunt for extra food!  One day Ruby was cooking spaghetti and Tank was curious to taste what smelled so delicious.  Tank snuck his head into the dish to get a little leftover sauce and turned into an orange cat!  Tank was super pleased with himself up until he realized he was getting a bath to get cleaned up.  After his bath, Tank curled up beside Ruby again, with no grudges held.

Because of the generous support of donors, Tank received all of his needed medical care and his happily-ever-after.  Tank’s story is a special one, but he is just one of the 13,000 animals that we will help this year.  Since January, the Nova Scotia SPCA has spent $719,190 on veterinary care and desperately need your generous support.  Please make your gift today to give innocent pets a second-chance at a safe, happy and healthy life.

Be a hero for animals like Tank.

Taylor Mundy

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need.