Open-Admission & No-Kill

The Nova Scotia SPCA accepts animals into its care regardless of their age or health. We also follow no-kill principles which means we do not euthanize animals for space. Unexpected life situations happen and the SPCA strives to be approachable, non-judgemental and understanding.  On average, healthy and friendly animals are adopted into loving families in less than two weeks!

We often take in animals with some of the most challenging medical issues and statistically over 90% of animals in our care are able to find forever homes or are reunited with their owners.

The SPCA has a network of clinics & hospitals to provide high-quality medical care, and progressive programs – like our Palliative Care program and foster program – to help animals find a safe space to recover or to live their best life.

If you find yourself caring for a stray cat or dealing with an unexpected life situation, please reach out to your local SPCA.  Please do not wait until that stray cat is pregnant or injured.  We can help.  Contact us today! 

Rehoming Your Pet

We understand how difficult it is to surrender a pet. Learn how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Rehoming Your Pet

Found a Stray

Found a stray animal and unsure what to do? Learn the steps to take to help set the stray pet up for success.

Solutions for Strays