Treat Week

Treat SPCA shelter pets to a sweeter life

Click the link below to donate and help reach our goal OR sign up for free and inspire others to give to a cause you care about.

You can set up a purrrsonalized fundraising page, collect donations, and give a treat of your choosing to thank your supporters. This year, the top fundraiser or team will be crowned with naming the next litter of adorable kittens or puppies. 

The snow and colder weather brings even more animals into our care. With no government funding for our shelters, animals need your help now more than ever. Thank you for caring.


Sign Up

CLICK HERE to sign up for free today. You can purrrsonalize your fundraising page with cute pictures and set a goal amount to raise.


Share your fundraising page and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to donate on your page. Ask for donations early and often.



Do a happy dance because you saved pets in need. The top fundraiser or team will be crowned with naming the next litter of adorable kittens or puppies.

It’s pawty time!

Treat Week takes places from February 26th to MArch 3rd, but it is celebrated in January, February and March. Treat Week is your way to help save local pets in need. 100% of the donations stay in Nova Scotia to give local animals a second chance at a safe, happy and healthy life.

Treat Week is all about what you consider a treat. Sweets? Great, you can bake cookies. Not into baking? That’s totally okay. Maybe it is crocheting. Or painting. In fact, you can simply host a virtual or in-person pawty, encourage your friends to donate on your puursonal fundraising page and send donors a sweet thank you afterward.



Goodies for you

After you register here, check out the goodies below to help get you started. You can find all these goodies on your personal fundraising page as well!