A House Full of Kittens: The Affleck Family’s Five New Blessings

By Kirsten Millar

Life doesn’t always go as planned, but sometimes the unexpected can turn into the biggest blessing. This statement became true for Wendy and David Affleck when they made the decision to adopt a few new pets and ended up with five rambunctious kittens.

“We always had three cats, and our last one passed away in October at the age of 20,” says Wendy. “The house felt too quiet, and we began to look for two or three kittens or young adult cats to adopt.”

Their decision to find new furry family members led them to the SPCA’s website, where they stumbled upon the sweet faces of Buzz Bee, Bunty, and Felicia. They found themselves drawn to these kittens because they’re black just like two of their cats who had passed.

Wanting to meet the kittens, David and Wendy headed to the Pictou SPCA and that’s when they discovered that the cats had two more siblings. Buzz Bee had a brother named Toucan Sam, while Bunty and Felicia had a sister name Bridgette.

“We had to decide which litter of kittens to bring home because we knew we couldn’t separate them. But then we decided that we couldn’t decide and that’s how we ended up adopting all five of them,” says David. “My wife and I are both suckers for little furry faces and would not have been able to stomach the thought of leaving one set or the other behind.”

The cats were adopted in November 2023, and Wendy and David decided to keep all of their original names. Toucan Sam, affectionately known as Sam or Sammie, and his companions Buzz Bee, Bunty, Felicia and Bridgette found themselves in a new home filled with love and excitement.

“Since adopting them, life has been chaotic in a very good way. They make us laugh every day, their snuggles provide an unmatched calming effect and you never enter the house without an official five cat greeting,” says Wendy.

The ‘five little Muppets,’ as David and Wendy affectionately call them, have all developed their own unique personalities.

“We call Bunty the ‘Devil Child’ because she gets into absolutely everything even though she’s the smallest of the bunch. Bridgette is fiercely independent. Felicia loves to wrap her big, little paws around our leg when we’re preparing their meals and then bite our legs. Buzz Bee loves to come running and smash her face into ours and then flop over for snuggles just like a rag doll cat. And Sam loves to jump up for a minute to see what’s going on in the house, and we always know where he is because he meows everywhere he goes,” says David.

Since welcoming these five new kitties into their hearts and into their home, Wendy and David’s lives have been filled with laughter, cuddles and happiness.

“They get along well and all seven of us sleep in the bed every night. They love to be wherever we are all the time and you’re never alone in a room. They all eat together from a big white plate they got from Santa for Christmas and they have over 60 toys scattered around the house, yet they all want to play with the same toy at the same time,” Wendy says.

David and Wendy both agree that they could not imagine life without their five new family members. If you’re interested in adopting a new companion (or five), check out our current adoptable animals or visit an SPCA shelter near you.


Kirsten Millar

Kirsten is an animal lover and proud “dog aunt” who recently lost her two cats that she adopted from the SPCA in 2007. She volunteers at the SPCA to honour their memory and help other animals like them.