Most Cats Hate Water… Except Sammie

By Taylor Huestis

Our feline friends are notorious for hating water. The sweetest kitten can transform into a stretched-out scrambling mini lion when they accidentally touch water.

Despite the majority despising bathtubs, Sammie is a kitty who is absolutely fascinated with anything and everything water related.

No matter if it is dripping from the shower or tap, Sammie races there to play.

We’re not sure why Sammie loves water or enjoys getting wet. We wonder if maybe it is a familiar kitten feeling. Sammie used to be a stray kitty, so perhaps playing in puddles was his form of a fun toy.

Sammie’s shelter name used to be Unagi. His siblings were all lovingly named after different types of sushi too: Sashimi, Edamame, Miso, Roe, and Sushi.

These stray kitties were brought into safety at the SPCA and spent five weeks in a loving foster home.

Sammie and his siblings were socialized and medically treated to set them and their future families up for success. This included spay/neuter surgeries thanks to our friends at PetSmart Charities of Canada™. Spay/neuter surgeries at this age are less stressful and have a shorter recovery period. Plus, they won’t have any accidental litters of their own!

When it came time for adoption, the kittens were brought to an SPCA adoption partner, PetSmart Dartmouth Crossing. Karina had visited the store to purchase some worms for her bearded dragon, Rhubarb, and was over-the-moon excited when she spotted them.

“I went over to look and had seen a few grey kitties and Sammie, and right away I said OMG I need that kitten,” Karina recalled. “He came right up to the glass and put his little nose on it and was so playful. I instantly fell in love with his little face and extra toes on his paws.”

“Sammie LOVES water,” Karina giggled. “Every time he hears the shower faucet turn on, he runs from the other side of the house and jumps into the shower. He even jumps into the shower when I’m in there!”

“I’ve never met a cat who loves water and playing in water like him,” Karina continued. “Every time I brush my teeth and he hears the tap on, he runs and jumps onto the counter top and licks the water. He’s so cute.”

While Sammie’s obsession with water might be quirky behaviour. Everything he does is endearing to Karina.

“He loves to sleep on top of you or right by your face,” Karina smiled. “He’s a spoiled little dude with so many toys and treats. I love him so much. He brings me so much love and happiness. I 100% recommend people to adopt from the SPCA and give all the fur babies a loving happy life.”

When you adopt a kitty from the SPCA, you’re gaining a new furry BFF that will love you… and most likely hate water.

But you never know! Even though most adopted cats will turn into mini lions near water, you might end up with a unique kitty like Sammie, who only ever turns into a lion when he dresses up on Halloween.

Taylor Huestis

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-parent to two cats named Bonnie and Boy (yep - that is his real name) and a palliative pup named Hazel. Connect with Taylor at or 902-222-0378 today.