Special BFF

By Taylor Mundy

13-year-old Sweetpea was brought to safety at the Cape Breton SPCA. Extremely timid, the staff worked one-on-one with her to gain her trust and love.

Sweetpea had some staining under her eyes and her ears desperately needed cleaning. She began medication right away to help her heal. A mammary tumor was discovered and was surgically removed before things got worse. Sweetpea slowly recovered and soon felt like a brand-new pup.

After nearly a month in our care, Sweetpea was medically cleared and ready for her forever family. It was love at first sight for Kara and Cory. They happily adopted Sweetpea and brought her home.

Then, this old doggo made a new friend.

Kara and Cory temporarily farm sat in New Zealand. It was here that they got hooked on a whole different species altogether – Kunekune pigs. Covered in fur, very intelligent, and super social, Kunekune pigs are very similar to dogs.

Meatball, a 16-week-old Kunekune pig, captured their hearts. But would Meatball steal Sweetpea’s heart as well?

“At first, Sweetpea thought the pig was a bad guy,” says Kara. “She was worried that he was going to hurt us and his squeals were driving her crazy. She wanted to chase him so bad. But then she got to know him. Sweetpea is super smart and easy to train, so we really hoped they would be friends.”

Meatball joined the family and Sweetpea took him under her wing. “She now treats him like her baby,” laughs Kara. “When Meatball finishes his breakfasts and dinners, the first thing Sweetpea does is clean his face. She barks at cars that get too close to her pig, she’s super protective.”

This unusual friendship is a treat to watch for Kara and Cory. “Meatball does everything Sweetpea does,” Kara explains. “We started trying to take them out for walks after work because he’s great on a leash! He walks like a dog beside her and we go out about one mile an hour because every person stops to say hi.”

The two might be an unlikely couple, but Sweetpea and Meatball have become the best of friends. “I don’t know it Sweetpea had puppies before we got her from the Nova Scotia SPCA, but she definitely has a motherly instinct,” says Kara. “They’ll lay down together and she’ll give him little smooches. They love strawberries and blankets, food and comfort. So they’re a match made in heaven.”

Despite their differences, Sweetpea and Meatball prove that friendship and love conquer all.


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Taylor Mundy

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie and Clyde. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need.