Power of Pets

By Taylor Mundy

The bond we share with our pets is so powerful. They bring us comfort, companionship, and motivation. COVID-19 has put a serious emotional strain on all of us. So, in honour of mental health week, we asked you to share stories of how your furry friend helps you.

We received hundreds of *warm fuzzies* and compiled a list of some of the many that made our hearts swoon. Enjoy the cuteness below!



“This is our girl Sadie. She’s an almost 7 year old Border Collie who is my rock. After returning from an overseas deployment, I went through a very rough time and I ended up getting her in that time. She was what actually motivated me to just get out of bed every day. She has been my constant companion since she came home with me and knows when I’m upset. If anyone cries in the house she is immediately by their side, giving hugs, nose boops, and even licks the tears off our cheeks.  She’s never been trained as a support animal, she’s just instinctively always been great at being a best friend.” – Meaghan






“This is Calypso. She always greets me at the door when I get home from work. ❤️ She lets me cuddle her when I’m having a bad day.” – Leah





“Stella is my best friend. I got her from the SPCA 6 years ago. She motivates me to get outside and walk everyday even when I don’t feel like it at all. She sleeps beside me every night and she sits on top of me (she’s 65 pounds) when I’m upset or angry. She’s moved to many apartments and finally for the last year I’ve given her the best beach life when we moved, she’s in the ocean almost everyday and chases crabs in the sand and I know she deserves the best. Wouldn’t be here without her love.” – Francheska





“Chester always cuddles me after a long day working in the pharmacy. This is a photo of him I took a while ago. He likes to be tucked in at nap time.” – Sarah





“Remy is a piece of velcro lol. Always there when I need him (especially during the loss of both my cats), he never strays far, a great hiking buddy, an awesome coworker, and is always up for a cuddle. Still a pup at 2 years old, I can’t imagine my life without him.” – Jennifer





“These three. Calico (Maggie) and Ginger (Merle) were adopted through the spca almost 2 years ago on June 10, 2018. My tuxedo (Mya) was found 2 months later at approximately 7 weeks of age dumped in the middle of nowhere. They have brought so much joy into our lives and comfort through many health struggles. They are our greatest joy for our family!” – A





“Casi has been keeping me company while I work from home. She also does an excellent job of reminding me to get up and move – downstairs so she can go out, then back in, then out….all day.” – Alice



“We got Graham at the shelter almost 2 years ago after we lost our dog Zoey and cat Simpson within a month of each other. Although toothless (or dental score of ZERO as the vet likes to say 😃), Graham is an amazing kitty. He is comfortable in our home and around the other pets and the kids. He comes up into our laps every evening to “mash potatoes” and drool and falls asleep curled up on top of us, and follows up to bed only to repeat his nightly ritual. It has been really tough mentally lately being stuck at home trying to work from home as well as raise 3 kids and homeschool them, one of which has special needs…but Graham’s evening peaceful ritual helps unwind at the end of the day. He is a special kitty and we are so glad he chose his furever home with us!” – Joella



“Kip was adopted from the Cape Breton SPCA six years ago. I have been suffering from PTSD for most of my life. He simply knows when to play and when I just need a cuddle. His gentle and quiet nature calms me and has helped me to heal. Love my Kippy! ❤️” – Lisa



“We adopted Luna from the SPCA. SHE found us at the pet store one day and the love between her and my daughter was instant ! These two are inseparable. They sleep together, watch shows together and eve play hide and seek ! ( Luna is very good at finding Clara when we tell her to ! ) She is a perfect fit into our family and makes my daughter so happy, I don’t know what we did without her! There are soooo many pics of the two of them snuggling together, but I thought I’d pick the one where they are both smiling 💖” – Vanessa




“This is Emy & Sneakers. They bring something into my life that is like nothing else. I cannot articulate nor measure it, I only know that they make my world a better place.” – Traci




“This is Patches. I adopted her from the Dartmouth SPCA several years ago (July 2014 to be exact). She has been my support animal since day one. Any time I get depressed or emotional she crawls into my arms and just lets me pet her until I calm down. She knows immediately when I am off and she loves to cuddle. She even goes on walks with my husband and kids! She follows right along and keeps us company. She also is one of the fastest cats I’ve ever seen! Having only three legs never slows her down. She has been a huge help on my mental health and I don’t know what I would do without her. ❤️” – Eva




“My sweet boy Pluto came into my life (as a rescue) shortly after going through a rough breakup. He makes me laugh; he’s so goofy, even though his name says otherwise 😉” – Jacqueline





“This is Iggy. He is about 3 years old now. Also adopted from Colchester SPCA at the same time we adopted Princess. He is my son’s support cat. Josh has ADHD and autism. Iggy helps de-stress him. As you can see he loves being held like a baby, going for walks on his leash and playing fetch. We think he is part dog.” – Sarah





“My boys, Charlie and Ace. I always joked Charlie is my therapy cat. He’s a very social, comforting guy. When my dad died, he would lay on my chest and thunder purr until I eventually fell asleep.” – Marie





“This is Gordie. Gets me out of bed in the morning when times are tough. Been through a lot with him in 5 years. He’s always at the door waiting when I get home, always snuggles me when I’m feeling sad, and he’s just… my little best friend 💖” – Christianne




“These are my babies! I recently lost my furry best friend of 9 years, but here’s a sweet tribute of him and my other sweet boy 💓 Quincy has been the best quarantine buddy, he snuggles when I need it and provides play when we go a little stir crazy from being cooped up inside! I love him endlessly and couldn’t imagine my life without him by my side.” – Tessa






“My boy Max! Impossible to feel alone when he is home with me 💖” – Brittany





“My Zoe! She’s such a model💕 helps me with everything! Homework (by climbing on my computer), and being my therapist🥰” – Emma





“Here is my fur family. They have been amazing during this pandemic – spreading joy to me (but also to my Middle School students!). I appreciate that they give me constant love but also cheer up others whenever they make a surprise appearance at virtual meetings. I’m so happy to have them during this pandemic. I think that I need them more than they need me.” – Heather




Do you have a pet that makes you smile everyday? Please give them some lovin’ from all of us here at the SPCA! You can spread your love even further by virtually adopting a shelter pet. Simply choose a pet to support here and donate whatever you can to their care. You’ll receive a virtual adoption certificate and updates on their pawsitive progress while they await a forever family. Thank you for your compassionate support!


Taylor Mundy

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need.