Worth the Wait

By Judy Layne

It’s been said that good things come to those who wait.  There’s a special kitty who knows this is true.  Her story began in July when she was found abandoned in a carrier on the doorstep of the NS SPCA Dartmouth Shelter.  No note.  No history.  And no name.  

The Shelter staff named her Sunflower.  Approximately 8 years old, Sunflower was understandably frightened and shy.  She had several ailments including an upper respiratory infection, a cyst and cat acne. She had also been overfed by her previous owner and was a curvy girl.

After receiving needed medical treatment, Sunflower recovered fully with the help of Shelter staff and volunteers.  Over the next three months, Sunflower watched as people passed her by to adopt other cats.  She became quiet, withdrawn and seemed so sad. All she could do was wish for a special family who would look into her eyes and see the sweet loving soul inside.  

Finally, in October, Sunflower’s wish came true.  Jennifer Wilcox and her partner Josh Boyter visited the Shelter looking to add a new member to their four-legged family.  “It was a busy Saturday at the Shelter” says Jen.  “Sunflower was silent and introverted, likely overwhelmed from the activity happening all around her.  When we stopped to greet her though, she looked up at us without skipping a beat.  We knew that there was a personality in this kitty just waiting to come out and we decided to take her home.”  

Just as an actual sunflower needs the warmth of the sun to grow and thrive, so Sunflower needed the warmth of a loving family for her personality to blossom.  Jen says “Sunflower adjusted immediately to her new home.  It’s like she’s owned the place her entire life.  She has already called dibs on the best seat in the house, in front of the fireplace.”  

The couple’s two other kitties – Bailey and Chester – were curious about the newcomer.  “One morning  shortly after arriving, Sunflower was asleep in her cuddle cup when we spotted the two of them peering down from the loft to check out their new sister”. Bailey and Sunflower now tackle each other with ‘drive-by’ kisses. And Chester now shares a place with his new sister sleeping beside their mom.

Since being adopted, Sunflower has blossomed into a chatterbox and is always seeking out the human residents for cuddles.  “She is very affectionate and loves stroking your face with her paws,” says Jen. “She enjoys running at top speed through the house, chasing her dingle balls.  Sunflower has become a playful active cat and is beginning to lose weight through exercising.  Her adoptive parents feed her the correct diet and conscientiously monitor her food intake.  

The couple says that Sunflower has enriched their family. They encourage people not to pass up shy, overweight or older pets when adopting.  “In a loving forever home, their personalities, funny quirks and lovable antics can bloom, just as Sunflower has.” 

Judy Layne

Judy is a dedicated volunteer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Gracie. She is committed to speaking for animals who cannot speak for themselves.