12 Things Only Cat Parents Understand

By Judy Layne

Anyone who has the privilege of being a cat parent knows how special the relationship is. Cats know the way to our heart and there’s no sound on earth better than their purr. They have a remarkable talent to be endearing and exasperating at the same time (it’s called ‘catitude’). And while every kitty has a unique personality, they all share the ability to make us laugh with their wacky ways. If you’re a cat parent, I know you’ll relate to these feline factoids.

  1. Your cat is the boss. It’s no use pretending; just accept it. Two feline favorite principles: ‘Dogs have family; cats have staff’; ‘Cats rule, dogs drool.’
  2. You can’t fight cat hair. After trying lint rollers, special vacuum attachments and avoiding dark clothing, you know it’s not worth the effort. Just buy a t-shirt that reads ‘Cat Hair, Don’t Care’.
  3. The box it comes in is much more fascinating that the toy itself. No matter how expensive the toy or how long you spent finding it, cats will go for the box every time.
  4. Cats have no sense of personal space. Who would think that having a cat butt in your face is a good thing? Relax, it means they like you. And close-up sneezes? A speciality.
  5. Decision-making isn’t a feline forte. Scratch, scratch – ‘I want in’. Three minutes later – scratch, scratch –‘ I want out’. Sound familiar? As soon as you close a door, they want to be on the other side of it.
  6. Cats love experimenting with gravity. Forget your decorating dreams. Kitties love knocking any item off any surface in your home.
  7. A scratching post just can’t compare to an expensive sofa. On the plus side, you’ll find long-lost belongings when you move the couch.
  8. Cats are finnicky eaters. They want to try whatever you’re eating, even if they don’t like it. And if they find out you just bought a case of their favorite canned food? Now they can’t like that brand any more.
  9. Cats have no sense of privacy. They will insist on following you into the toilet. In a cat’s ideal world, no human would have to pee alone. And don’t forget to hide the toilet paper from kitty, or risk getting stranded without any.
  10. Cats are morning types – very early morning types. You don’t need an alarm clock anymore. Your personal wake-up call arrives promptly at 5am every day, including weekends. Cats are content to sleep 23 hours a day, except from 5 to 6am when it’s the perfect time to run around the house at full speed making as much noise as possible.
  11. Your laptop is actually a kitty seat warmer. Good luck convincing them otherwise. Trying to study or read the paper? Cats will offer to help you by sitting on whatever you’re doing.
  12. Cats like to keep us guessing. Your cat shows you their tummy. It’s either ‘Sure, I’d love a belly rub’ or ‘Make one false move and I’ll bite your hand off.’ Hey, you’ve got a 50-50 shot at being right.

So would we ever change a single thing about these mysterious, magical mischievous creatures?  Never.

Judy Layne

Judy is a dedicated volunteer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Gracie. She is committed to speaking for animals who cannot speak for themselves.