Colchester Animal Shelter

The Colchester Branch was formed in 1986. In May of 2002, we were finally able to open the doors of the shelter, after many years of fundraising.

Adopting an animal from an SPCA, humane organization or rescue group can be a very rewarding experience. You will be giving a homeless animal a second chance in life and providing it with a safe, loving “forever” home.

Cats or Kittens Adoption Fee $150 for cats | $235 for kittens

Dogs or Puppies Adoption Fee  $275 for dogs | $450 for puppies

What’s Included

  • Examination by a Veterinarian
  • Flea/Parasite Treatment
  • Feline Leukemia Test (cats)
  • Vaccines to time of Adoption (core vaccines only)
  • Spay or Neuter Surgery (including kittens and puppies)
  • 8 week trial of NS SPCA Pet Insurance
  • Microchip

Most Needed Items

  • Gift Cards for , Superstore/Sobeys, Walmart, Global Pet Foods or Staples
  • Cat Carriers (new or used)
  • Non clumping cat litter
  • Cat toys
  • Pill pockets for cats and dogs
  • Bleach
  • Extra large garbage bags
  • Rubber and Disposable Latex Gloves
  • Papertowel or Toilet Paper
  • Liquid Hand Soap
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Ziploc Bags
  • Dog Treat, Dentabones, Peanut Butter etc.
  • Unscented Dryer sheets
  • Mop and Broom heads
  • Hill’s® Science Diet® Wet or Dry Cat and Dog food

We’re proud to feed Hill’s® Science Diet®. This provides precisely balanced nutrition that helps these pets find their way to happier, healthier lives.

Other needed items:

  • Canadian Tire Money
  • Bottles for deposit
  • Items for our yardsale


We are in need of dog walkers able to commit to a set shift (same day/time each week) for a minimum of 1 month commitment. Please fill out the application if interested.

The Colchester Animal Shelter is a publicly funded association that relies on help from volunteers. Volunteers play a vital role in helping us look after the welfare of animals in our communities. We welcome and encourage volunteer involvement at all levels within all appropriate programs and activities. As a non-profit volunteer organization without government funding, our efforts rely extensively on generous support from people like you.

Contact us today to see how you can help us enhance the quality of life for animals in Colchester or fill out an online application found here.


Everyday, the Colchester Branch receives calls from the public requesting assistance with stray, abandoned or homeless animals. To help care for these animals, the shelter has a foster care program to help with the abundance of calls.

The foster program will cover the cost of veterinary care, food, litter and anything else the animal requires. The role of a foster home is not to provide financial support, but rather to provide the love and patience the animal may need to regain their mental and physical health.

When you become an approved foster parent, you can decide which type of animal will work best in your home environment. If it is a dog you are interested in, there are always opportunities to open your home to a young puppy or a dog with medical or behavioral issues that may benefit from a stable home environment and just needs some extra socialization and love in a home before they can be put up for adoption. Sometimes this is the biggest impact a foster home can provide in an animal’s life. If you would like to become a foster parent, apply here.

One of the most common foster examples is unwanted mothers with a litter of kittens. During the summer months, the number of homeless cats and kittens flooding the shelter soars. The demand on shelter resources is made even greater since many of the kittens that come to the shelter are too young to be adopted. Keeping kittens at the shelter for up to 8 weeks before they are old enough to be adopted ties up kennel space, staff and resources.

A foster home provides kittens with a quieter, less stressful environment where they can grow into healthy cats. Opening your home and heart as a foster parent to an abandoned animal is a rewarding way to become a volunteer! Fostering is a fantastic opportunity to make a hands-on contribution to saving animals’ lives.

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Friday & Saturday & Sunday 11am – 4pm


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