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We Remember – Honouring Animals Lost in War

On November 11th the Nova Scotia SPCA joined fellow Canadians to remember and honour the soldiers who... READ MOREabout We Remember – Honouring Animals Lost in War

Black Cats are Pawsome

There is definitely a superstition related to the black cat.  Some people think they’re bad luck... READ MOREabout Black Cats are Pawsome

Paws & Support

The Nova Scotia SPCA believes that strong bonds between people and pets make for stronger communities.  In... READ MOREabout Paws & Support

Versace’s Happy Tail

Due to breed-specific-legislation, Versace could not be adopted in Ontario and made the long trek to the... READ MOREabout Versace’s Happy Tail

Don’t Bully My Breed

If you were discriminated against, feared or had your fate decided by others based on nothing more... READ MOREabout Don’t Bully My Breed