Michaele’s Legacy of Love

By Judy Layne

We all have someone who left a lasting mark on our lives. Someone who showed us what unconditional love and kindness are. For Carol, it was her beloved sister-in-law, Michaele. Sadly, Michaele passed away in August 2020 after losing her heroic battle with a terminal illness.

Carol shared, “Michaele was the sweetest animal lover you’d ever meet. With a psychology background, she worked in the school system designing behavioral programs for children.  Combined with her caring nature, this enabled her to train a long line of beloved adopted cats over many years.”

Michaele was a huge supporter of the SPCA’s mission and life-saving work. She was a loyal monthly donor for many years before she passed. Carol explained, “I not only wanted to find a meaningful way to honor Michaele’s memory, but I wanted to support a cause that she cared deeply about. When trying to think of a long-lasting tribute to Michaele’s life, it struck me that her generous gifts to the SPCA would stop with her passing. So I signed on to be a monthly donor in Michaele’s name to the SPCA Sunshine Fund, to create a legacy of love and kindness that will continue to help homeless animals and families for years to come.”

Carol said, “I wanted to help more families have the same happiness that Michaele enjoyed with her pets. I know that many people are struggling in this Covid-19 world and the Sunshine Fund can help.” Carol is definitely right.  The Sunshine Fund at the SPCA Veterinary Hospital was designed to help families in crisis with urgent medical care for their pets, such as illnesses and injuries. Carol understands that many families may be unaware of what resources exist or may be embarrassed to ask for help. “This program makes it comfortable asking for help and surely deserves our support.”

Carol hopes that Michaele’s generous loving spirit will inspire more people to donate what they can to the Sunshine Fund to help keep more families and pets together. “Any monthly donation, no matter how big or small adds up,” stated Carol.  “I personally find that the fact that the gift is ongoing to be even more satisfying than a one-time donation. I’m sure that the SPCA staff and volunteers, along with families in need, would be encouraged by your caring.”

Carol’s final thoughts? “Michaele would be so proud to know that her legacy of love for animals will continue. She knew how important monthly giving is.”

Judy Layne

Judy is a dedicated volunteer with the Nova Scotia SPCA. She is committed to speaking for animals who cannot speak for themselves.