REALTOR® to the Rescue: Boardwalk Realty

By Ryan Toomey

2021 was a very special year for shelter pets because of… REALTORS®? I know what you’re thinking – what does real estate have to do with animals? You may be surprised to learn that some REALTORS® have found a clever way to incorporate helping shelter pets into buying or selling your home!

Pictured left to right: Betty Carmichael – REALTOR®, Leanne Marthelur – Broker/REALTOR®, Ryan Toomey – SPCA Staff, Brandon MacNeil – REALTOR®, Peter MacGregor – REALTOR®

Early last year, we partnered with Coldwell Banker – Boardwalk Realty in Cape Breton to launch REALTOR® to the Rescue, a campaign to raise funds for hurt and homeless pets in their community. Over a dozen real estate professionals stepped up and pledged to make a gift to pets in need when they successfully helped a client buy or sell real estate. In the first year, they presented us with a gift of over $6,000!

I talked to REALTOR® to the Rescue, Betty Carmichael, to figure out why exactly she made the pledge. This is what she had to say.

“I believe our pets are so important to us for so many reasons, especially during the difficult times that we have experienced in the last two years. So many people have been isolated from their families, friends, and co-workers because of the pandemic; this can cause emotional distress. The comfort of a precious furry friend can be very important to help us make it through an incredibly difficult time.”

Pictured: Betty Carmichael’s dog, Quincy

“On a personal level, several years ago my husband and I were raising our three young boys when we found ourselves with two of them suffering from serious health issues. They were not able to attend school for an extended period of time. To say that our pet shih tzu, Quincy, helped us all through this difficult time is an understatement. He stayed by our boys’ side when they needed it most.”

If you’re reading this, I think it’s safe to say you have had a “Quincy” in your life too. The emotional and physical aspect of pet ownership is something we can all benefit from. That’s what drove Betty to take the pledge to help shelter pets have a second chance and a furever home!

Betty didn’t do this alone! It’s been a collective effort by Betty Carmichael, Brandon McNeil, Stephen MacSween, Peter MacGregor, Joe McDonald, John MacNeil, Kim Nagy and Leanne Martheleur. Already, the agents at Coldwell Banker Boardwalk Realty have inspired other brokerages to take the pledge too. Together they are making a significant impact on Cape Breton’s hurt and homeless pets.

Please, give these folks a round of a-paws! Check out their pages below and send them a note thanking them for being a REALTOR® to the Rescue.

Coldwell Banker Boardwalk Realty

Betty Carmichael – REALTOR®

Stephen MacSween – REALTOR®

Peter MacGregor – REALTOR®

Joe McDonald – Broker/Owner REALTOR®

Leanne Martheleur – Broker/Owner REALTOR®

John MacNeil – REALTOR®

Kim Nagy – REALTOR®

Ryan Toomey

Ryan is a Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-papa to Jake and Sam. He is determined to ensure homeless pets get the help they deserve.