Skipping School to Save Shelter Pets

By Taylor Mundy

Lila, 7, is a cat fanatic. In fact, her second word was “meow.” Her 9-year-old twin brothers, Luke and William, love animals just as much. Whether it is cats and dogs or giraffes and tigers, they all love learning about animals and helping pets in need.

So, when Lila, Luke and William approached their mom with a unique idea to help the SPCA, she wasn’t that surprised.

The trio set a goal to fundraise $1,000 for furry friends in need. And the coolest part? If they met their goal, they would be allowed to miss one day of school!

“We love animals and want to save them,” Luke exclaimed. “Think about if that was you. Would you want to be left out on the road?” “Some animals need help,” Lila continued. “The SPCA rescues animals.” With no government funding for our shelters, donations are truly lifesaving.

To put their compassion into action, the kiddos created promotional art and videos. They even created donor levels depending on how much a person gave with Ultra Mega Dragon as the top tier.

“They thanked donors with art or videos shout-outs,” shared their proud mama, Christa. “When they were getting behind in the fundraising challenge, they made a video to show them virtually going door-to-door and shared it with our neighbourhood Facebook page. Luke even sweetened the pot and made chocolate chip cookies to go to the highest bidder within walking distance. Lila thanked neighbours by writing chalk messages on their driveways!”

Their hard work paid off. In less than 72 hours, Lila, Luke and William surpassed their goal. They raised $1,305 in total!!

“It’s lots of fun,” beamed William. “When kids work hard they can make a difference.”

When we caught up with the kiddos to thank them, we asked how fundraising and helping others made them feel. Lila was the first to pipe up and say “happy.” Luke chimed in and said he felt “proud and happy” and William shared he felt “enthusiastic and encouraged.” They hope to inspire even more kids to fundraise for causes they care about.

“They had a great time working towards their goal and got a lot of support from friends and family,” Christa smiled. “They are learning that they have the power to make change and do good for others. We are very proud of them.”

To hold up her end of their agreement, their parents planned for their one day off school. But the kids didn’t know their parents were also planning a big surprise…

Everyone was ready to add a few furry friends into their family soon. But Lila, Luke and William didn’t know it would be on their special day off! They used their day off school to meet and take home two adorable kittens. The day was filled with a different type of learning and love to celebrate their hard work.

“The kittens are doing really well,” the entire family gushed. “Their names are Ozzy and Milo and they are brothers. They are making friends with our dog, Baxter, and like watching our Bearded Dragon, Jrako.”

Lila, Luke and William show that no matter your age you can create change. You are never too small to make a big difference. Thank you for inspiring and empowering us!



Taylor Mundy

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie and Clyde. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need.