Beauty’s Happy Tail

By Taylor Mundy

Found in a parking lot, Beauty was a young stray kitty struggling to survive.  She was scooped up and brought to the Nova Scotia SPCA to be nursed back to health.  We noticed Beauty’s right eye right away.  It was swollen and looked like it suffered trauma from a past injury.

The decision was made for Beauty to undergo surgery at the SPCA Animal Hospital so it would not become worse or cause her distress.  After a month of care at the SPCA, Beauty healed and was ready for adoption.  Allison, Beauty’s fur-mama, walked into the Dartmouth SPCA and quickly fell head over heels for Beauty.  Just like that… Beauty was adopted and finally had her very own family and home.

Even though Beauty was adopted five years ago, like all our shelter pets, we always wonder how they are doing in their new lives.  That’s why we were over-the-moon excited to receive this update!  Beauty not only left her past behind her but her name too!  She now loves to be called Fern.

“When I first brought her home she was pretty shy, but she has blossomed into a sassy and loving kitty,” Allison shares.  “One of my favourite stories about her is that she had a relatively short and dull coat when I adopted her, and as soon as she relaxed into her new life and became comfortable eating tons of wet food, she literally exploded with hair!  Much to my surprise and delight, she became a beautiful and fuzzy long-haired cat.”

Beauty now lives in Muskoka, Ontario and did surprisingly well flying from Nova Scotia to Ontario.  She enjoys a large house with a screened-in porch that she loves to sit in three seasons of the year and watch the birds go by.  “She doesn’t go outside due to her missing eye and us wanting to keep her safe, but she has adapted remarkably well considering all she went through,” says Allison.  “Even with one eye she still runs around the house, plays with catnip toys, and jumps up on tables… although she’s not supposed to.”

Beauty’s absolute favourite thing is to cuddle up with Allison’s mom, Elizabeth, and get spoiled with lots of love.  Allison is a florist and Beauty loves to hang out while she makes flower arrangements.  “She is crazy for flowers and always sits right in the middle of my workspace and bats at the stems,” giggles Allison.  “Also, a fun fact – she loves eating pumpkin!”

Allison was kind enough to share some new photos of Beauty to make our hearts swell.  We couldn’t wait to show our dedicated followers how well she is doing.  After all, it is thanks to your support and donations that Beauty was rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed.  You can help other pets in need, like Beauty, receive a second chance at a safe, happy and healthy life.  Donate today!

Taylor Mundy

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need.