Versace’s Happy Tail

By Taylor Mundy

Due to breed-specific-legislation, Versace could not be adopted in Ontario and made the long trek to the Nova Scotia SPCA.  We immediately fell head over heels for this cutie-pie!  Versace was sweet and shy and just needed some help building up her confidence.  She loved to play-play-play all day with her stuffed animals and then snuggle all night.

Versace ended up spending 112 days with the Nova Scotia SPCA awaiting her forever family.

We would scratch our heads wondering why Versace hadn’t been scooped up just yet.  Versace would be an amazing best friend to a lucky, loving family!  Was it because she was an amstaff/boxer mix?  Was it because she was a bit nervous around new people?  We were confident that Versace’s perfect family would come around.

And they did!

Rick and Linda had just lost their beloved dog of 13 years, Kira.  During that same difficult time, Rick was preparing for major cancer surgery to remove a kidney.  This surgery was one of over 20 Rick had to endure over the years.  Linda shares, “things were very sad and lonely in our home.”

One day before Rick’s surgery, they stumbled upon the SPCA adoptables website.  “Rick saw Versace and was instantly taken,” says Linda.  They couldn’t wait to meet her.  Linda dropped Rick off at the hospital and headed to the Dartmouth SPCA.  “They held her until Rick was healthy enough to meet her.  It was true love all the way around.  The staff at the SPCA were so wonderful and helpful.”  Just like that – they adopted Versace and brought her home.

Rick and Linda changed Versace’s name to Harley, and she was able to leave her past and her old name behind.  “She is very loveable and compassionate,” shares Linda.  “My husband is home with her all the time.  It’s perfect for both of them.  Harley gets him through all his troubles.  She is very sensitive and caring.  She knows just when to snuggle extra and kiss bigger.  I forget all my troubles too when I walk in the door and she almost turns inside out with happiness and kisses.  She’s the best!”

Thriving in her home, Harley celebrated her first #GotchaDay with her new family.  Linda and Rick express, “It is very sad that so many of these breeds of dogs are not able to have a second chance.  They are lovable and very loyal.  We would recommend anyone looking to adopt to consider this breed.  We cannot imagine our life without Harley.”  Thank you, Rick and Linda, for giving Harley the second chance she deserved.

There is zero evidence that breed-specific laws make communities safer.  Regardless of the breed, statistics prove that pets provide comfort and support to their families.  Many dogs that would meet the standard of banned breeds are wonderful, loving family pets.  Here at the Nova Scotia SPCA, we are proudly no-kill and open-admission and we will accept animals regardless of their age, health, gender or breed.  You can be a hero and help care for these innocent shelter pets by donating today.

Taylor Mundy

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need.