Two Peas in a Pod

By Judy Layne

Pets have always been a big part of our life and an important part of our family. Each one has filled our home with happiness and laughter.  Each one has had a unique endearing personality and their own set of cute crazy antics.   It’s hard to pick just one of our funny fur-babies to highlight, so I decided to pick two.  Both have since gone to the Rainbow Bridge but thinking about them always makes us smile.

We adopted our dog Murphy when he was two years old.  We had just adopted Tarko, a 13 year old doggo the week before.  We hoped the two ‘boys’ would be good company for each other.  But Tarko must have been the only dog in his previous home, and as a senior gentleman, wasn’t crazy about this newcomer jumping all over him hoping to play. Tarko was content to lead a laid-back life watching tv together and getting massages.  That left us needing a pal for Murphy.  So two months later, we adopted Meggie.

Murph and Meg bonded with each other immediately.  And where you’d find one, you’d always find the other. Here are just two of my favorite funny memories.


Their rituals were hilarious. Before taking a single bite, they always checked out what was in the other’s bowl then ran back to their own bowl.  Favorite foods were eccentric. Murph loved rice of all things!  Given the choice of a T-bone steak or rice, he’d choose rice every time.  Meg thought that since her brother loved rice, it must be good.  But when she tried it, she looked at him like he was crazy and spit it out.  Her favorite food became apparent one day when we returned from grocery shopping.  We noticed that a package of pork chops had been ripped open and one of the chops was missing.  It didn’t take long to find the culprit, chowing down on the missing chop, earning Meg the title ‘the Princess of Pork’.

Car Rides

With 3 canines in the car, there wasn’t room for much else.  On trips to the lake, Tarko and Meg would lie quietly in the back seat, but Murph always had to help navigate.  He’d stand on my lap for the first half hour, carefully watching to make sure dad was going the right way. Only then would he join his siblings in back.  He had the uncanny ability to detect a McDonalds restaurant several miles away.  He knew that when we hit the drive-through, we’d order a plain patty specially for ‘the gang’.  Staff at the drive-through would laugh at the sight of Murph and Meg jostling for position at the window, while Tarko knew we’d ‘deliver’ to the back seat.  For her part, Meg loved truck stops and was fascinated by the semis.  She loved it when drivers would come over to pat the head of their canine admirer.

It’s important for us to celebrate the joy our pets bring us and to share funny stories about them.  We’d love to hear your funny pet story.

Judy Layne

Judy is a dedicated volunteer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Gracie. She is committed to speaking for animals who cannot speak for themselves.