Halloween DIY Costume

By Courtney Barber

OCTOBER IS HERE! That means Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time for all goblins and gools to suit up and trick-or-treat around the neighbourhood. 

If you’re like me, you’re hoping for a unique one-of-a-kind costume that catches the eye and makes you look like a total Halloween superstar, and our SPCA Thrift Stores can be your number stop for all things Halloween DIY. Check out our list of store locations and hours!

Here are some tips and tricks to have a Spooktacular Halloween and rock the trick-or-treating or house party circuit this year! I’ll tell you how I thrifted my way into not just one costume by FOUR all for the low price of $12.75. 

My little family of 4 (two humans, two dogs) hosts an annual Halloween party, costumes are a requirement and including the pooches is a must! We thrifted our way into becoming the Flintstones. First up, a visit to the Dartmouth SPCA Thrift store to snag some supplies: 

  • One plain white bed sheet – $2.00
  • A plain blue blanket and/or sheet – $3.00
  • Foam craft balls – .75 
  • Two pieces of black felt – .50  
  • Old t-shirt (1 green, 1 orange) – $6.00 ($3/shirt)
  • Black pipe cleaners – .50

Grand Total: $12.75

Now I am no seamstress – but if you are, BONUS! I used some good old hot glue, safety pins and handstitched some small items. 

Wilma Costume

  • Ever been to a toga party? Now is the time to put those skills to use! Simply take your white bed sheet and wrap it around your body to create a single shoulder ‘toga’. Securely fasten the shoulder with a knot. Take those foam balls, a needle and thread and start to poke through each of the foam balls to create your necklace! Get help tying a toga
  • Once the toga is tied, time to shorten it and give it that classic Wilma look. Cut to approx. the knee and cut triangles into the fabric until you’re happy with the look and length

Betty Costume

  • Similar to the Wilma costume, grab your blue blanket or sheet, and fold in half across your body (the same way you would a towel across your body). From here I did some pretty primitive stitching from top to bottom, until the fabric was as tight as I liked. Then shortened the bottom and cut diagonally just like the Wilma costume.
  • For Betty’s Bow, I used the excess fabric to create this and my trusty glue gun! 

Dog Costumes (Bam Bam and Pebbles)


There you have it, four simple but great Halloween costumes all made for under $13.00 AND by purchasing all these items at the SPCA thrift Store, we helped save the lives of some furry friends too! 

Courtney Barber

Courtney is the Director of Marketing & Graphic Design for the Nova Scotia SPCA.