SPCA 50/50 Lottery Saves the Day!

By Judy Layne

Times are sure tough right now. There are some days when we wonder how we’ll make ends meet. It’s particularly challenging when unexpected major expenses arise. Just ask Arlene. A week before Christmas, she was suddenly faced with a huge car repair bill of almost $3,000. That’s when the SPCA weekly 50/50 lottery saved the day. The jackpot hit an amazing $15,845 – Arlene won half with the other half going directly to helping homeless pets in need this holiday season.

Arlene said “When the SPCA called to tell me the wonderful news about winning the December 22nd 50/50, I was thrilled and very relieved. Winning couldn’t have come at a more purr-fect time given the huge repair bill I was facing.”

It seems that the stars were aligned for Arlene’s win. She explained “I normally look at the jackpot amounts, but for some reason, I didn’t look at the December 22nd jackpot.  I just had a feeling that it might be my turn.  When I got the call and heard the amazing amount, my response was ‘Wow!’ It was the best Christmas present ever.”

Arlene has been a loyal supporter of the weekly 50/50 lottery since the beginning of 2022. She shared how she first learned about the 50/50. “I’ve been an animal lover all my life. In December 2021, I was planning to drop off some donations to the SPCA Thrift Store in Dartmouth. Since the store opened, any items I have to donate go there exclusively because it’s such a worthy cause. I was on the SPCA website checking out the store’s top-needed items when I saw reference to the 50/50. I started buying lottery tickets regularly in January 2022. My motto when I buy tickets is ‘It’s for the animals.’”

Arlene encourages everyone to support the 50/50 lottery in whatever capacity they’re comfortable with. “It only takes one ticket to win and the animals win every time! You’ll feel good knowing your purchase is making a difference for these beautiful animals in need,” she said.

So, while at its core the SPCA is all about animals, they are supporting Nova Scotia families as well. In fact, the SPCA started the 50/50 initiative because they wanted to find a way to help animal lovers AND raise crucial funds for homeless pets – a definite win-win. The 50/50 lottery gives people something to hope for and something that can positively impact their lives.

You can make a difference from the comfort and safety of your home.  Please show your support by buying a 50/50 ticket. Who knows – you could be one click away from being the next lucky winner! Click here.


Judy Layne

Judy is a dedicated volunteer with the Nova Scotia SPCA. She is committed to speaking for animals who cannot speak for themselves.