A Puppy Surprise

By Taylor Huestis

What do you do if you unexpectedly find yourself with lots of tiny new paws? Well, that is exactly what happened to Paige.

Paige had plans to get her beloved dog, Stella, fixed at a veterinary clinic in Sydney. Stella, on the other paw, had other plans.

“She went into heat and the next thing I knew… there were pups on the way!” Paige recalled.

In fact, there were seven itty-bitty pups.

Unsure of what to do, Paige reached out to her vet who encouraged her to get in touch with the Nova Scotia SPCA and ask about the P.U.P Program, which stands for Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies.

With the P.U.P Program, not only will we fix your female dog or cat for free, but we’ll also find loving families for the puppies or kittens.

“I had contacted the SPCA to get more information about this program,” remembered Paige. “Ever since the very first phone call, the staff went above and beyond anything I expected to help me. They let you know what is going to happen through every single step. Over the next eight weeks, the pups were vaccinated, spayed and neutered before going into their fur-ever homes. Then once they are placed in their new homes it’s time for mama to get fixed… for FREE!!”

Stella’s seven pups became known as the M litter at the Cape Breton SPCA – Michelle, Marshall, Maize, Marcus, Maxxie, Mathew, and Maya.

“The SPCA will also help supply food for the pups when they are able to eat kibble,” Paige grinned. “That was super helpful as keeping up with puppies can be a challenge. I think this is a super important program for all pet owners because it will help keep your animals happy and healthy while also stopping repetitive letters.”

“With the cost of living nowadays the program and their services could be a huge help to a lot of people,” Paige continued. “This program is 100% something I’d recommend looking into. It can save a life and make families happy all at the same time.”

While Stella recovered at home with Paige, all the puppies were adopted into amazing families. One of the pups, Michelle, got a brand new name and a new life. Her fur-mama, Laurie, thought the name Ivy seemed to fit her cute and quirky personality best.

“I saw her picture and she was adorable,” Laurie shared. “I put my application in and was immediately very excited on the prospect of a new addition to the family. We were unable to see her in person as she did not have all her vaccines and couldn’t put her at risk, so her picture was posted on the fridge until we received the call.”

On Easter morning, Laurie and her family dropped into the shelter to pick Ivy up.

“We were so excited,” Laurie smiled. “We bought the leash, the kennel, the bed, the toys – we were ready. We decided to go to a training class as we did not want to put ourselves in a position of having a naughty pup that was of our own doing. It helped. We were reminded we could love our pup and instill good habits. Pups are work; however, it is very rewarding.”

“Ivy has been great for our family,” gushed Laurie. “We are more active as we ensure she has her exercise. We have something we can share; we discuss her accomplishments; we all go on more outings like to the beach to see how Ivy likes new experiences. Both our mothers are involved in her care and will watch Ivy if we need them.”

Amusingly, Ivy is the exact opposite of what Laurie thought would be a good match for their family. They originally were set on a medium-sized dog who loved to swim and go on walks.

“She is small, she doesn’t like the water, and she isn’t the greatest for going on walks.” Laurie giggled. “But she is cute, she loves to play, and she is so excited to see us whenever we walk through the door. We all absolutely adore her. You may not get what you think you want but you get what you need. We wouldn’t trade Ivy for any other pup.”

Thanks to the P.U.P Program, Stella and Paige are cozied up at home together not worrying about another accidental litter of pups, and Laurie’s family got the surprise they never knew they needed. But most of all… Now, there are eight happy families.


Accidents happen. You’re not alone. We’re here to help. Click here to learn more about the P.U.P Program today.



Taylor Huestis

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie and Boy. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need. Connect with Taylor at thuestis@spcans.ca or 902-222-0378 today.