Fostering a Pregnant Pup

By Taylor Huestis

Faye, a passionate animal-lover, has fostered pets for more than a decade. She has opened her heart and home to so many animals that she actually lost count after 100. Sometimes it includes socializing semi-feral kittens and other times it is fostering sick or injured pets.

But one situation was brand new to Faye. She had never fostered a pregnant pup before. Until now.

“I thought I was going to get a pregnant cat but she was not there so they asked me if I wanted a pregnant dog,” Faye remembered. “There was no one that could take her right now and when I saw her I could not say no. I was a little nervous but she was so sweet. She needed me and I wanted to help her.”

Faye packed up all the supplies needed at the SPCA and prepared for a new adventure. “I said to Gabby when we got in the car… ‘we can do this,’” she recalled.

That evening, things got even more eventful. Once Gabby was settled in and felt safe, she went into labour. Faye was by her side the entire time.

“I took Gabby home and she gave birth that same day,” Faye smiled. “She had five beautiful puppies and I was with her for support as she birthed each one. It was such a wonderful moment that I will never forget.”

That beautiful experience brought Faye and Gabby extremely close together. “We bonded right away and helping her give birth to her babies made it really special,” Faye explained.

For months, Faye was a superhero foster mama taking care of Gabby so she could be the best mama to her puppies. Faye helped to set all the puppies and Gabby up for success with her training, socialization and love.

“I think the lesson I learned from fostering Gabby and her puppies was that you can do anything if you put your mind to it,” Faye shared. “I have always loved animals and just wanted to do what I could to help them. It’s life-changing knowing you are helping a helpless animal. They bring so much joy to your life and you get to foster and get them ready for their forever home.”

So, when it came time to say goodbye, Faye knew it would be hard.

“They brought a lot of joy to my life and an experience that I will never forget,” said Faye. “It was not easy giving but I knew Gabby was going to a really good home. I knew she would be loved as much as I loved her and the puppies would go to really good homes, too.”

And they totally did! JoAnn met Gabby and it was love at first sight. “She came right to me, allowed me to hug her and 10 minutes later she was on my lap,” JoAnn giggled. At first, JoAnn wasn’t sure she was ready to adopt after losing their beloved dog, Bethany, of 21 years. “Gabby and I went for a little walk and had a chat and sealed our deal.”

“I immediately applied and the girls at the SPCA thought I wanted one of Gabby’s puppies and told me they were spoken for,” JoAnn shared. “I explained to them that I did not want a puppy… I wanted Gabby.”

“We brought her home all smiles,” said JoAnn. “Our 17-year-old cat, Buddy, wasn’t impressed but she tolerates Gabby. Gabby loves to go for drives, swimming, and chasing frogs and squirrels. Her favourite thing to do is to go camping and is quick to grab her favourite stuffy and put it in our basket when we are heading to the trailer. Gabby has become such an important part of our life and I feel she is a gift Bethany sent us from heaven.”

Gabby was lucky to know the love of her foster mama, Faye. Because of her support, Gabby was able to be the best mama bear to her pups and can now enjoy her new life with her adoptive mama, JoAnn. Mamas helping mamas!!




Taylor Huestis

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie and Clyde. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need.