Your Pet’s Health, Our Hospital’s Passion

By Judy Layne

Healing hands. Bright minds. Warm hearts. Paws-itively great care. You and your pet can find it all at the Nova Scotia SPCA’s new Veterinary Hospital! Did you know that the SPCA Veterinary Hospital is open to ALL Nova Scotians? Yep. This full-service not-for-profit hospital is designed to make veterinary services accessible for EVERYONE in the province.

With more than 45 years of combined veterinary knowledge and a passion for animals, your pet will receive the highest quality care.  Located at 7 Scarfe Court in Dartmouth, the new hospital strives to make your pet’s visit comfortable and stress-free.

The SPCA Veterinary Hospital can help keep more pets and their loving families together. By trusting the SPCA Veterinary Hospital with your pet’s medical care, you’ll feel good knowing you are saving and improving the lives of more animals than ever before.

Over the last few years, and particularly amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that has caused financial strife for so many Nova Scotians, the SPCA has seen animals surrendered for medical reasons. The SPCA believes that no family should have to make the heart-breaking decision to surrender a pet they love because they can’t afford critical veterinary care. Thanks to a separate gift of $10,000, the Sunshine Fund, sponsored by Queenidog, was created to help pet owners in financial crisis with their urgent veterinary needs. But because the Fund has limited dollars, the SPCA depends on donations to the Fund and on dedicated clients utilizing the Hospital’s services.

Dixie, a 4-month-old German Shepherd is among pets recently helped by the Sunshine Fund. She was suffering from fractured toes on her right paw. Dixie’s mom Kassie shares “I came home from work and noticed that Dixie was limping. Her paw was swollen and I knew she was in pain. She needed help, but I couldn’t afford this unexpected expense. I would have had to use my rent money and fall behind in my rent. I was so worried; I cried. Then my friend told me about the SPCA Hospital and the Sunshine Fund. I emailed the Hospital and heard back immediately. They took Dixie in the same day. Our visit was great.  All the staff were very nice and they treated Dixie so well. When Dixie was ready to go home, the instructions they gave me were easy to understand and follow.”

“I was so happy and relieved the SPCA Hospital was there to help me and to make sure Dixie had the medical care that she needed,” says Kassie. Dixie left the Hospital with a pretty heart splint and will be back in a few weeks for a re-check. Meantime, Kassie reports that Dixie’s doing great. “She loves to lay on her back and let the kids pat her stomach and give her kisses. Right now, she’s snuggling with our other dog Lexi, Dixie’s best friend and protector.”

So, trust YOUR pet’s care to the leader in animal welfare in Atlantic Canada. Book your appointment by contacting the SPCA Veterinary Hospital by email: or by phone: 902-706-4155. The SPCA looks forward to providing your pet with the care they need to be a healthy and happy part of your family!  Remember that the Hospital is open to EVERYONE.

Because the Sunshine Fund has limited dollars, the SPCA is seeking donations to the Fund to grow their ability to help loving families in need.  Please click here to help. Thank you for your compassionate support!

If you need help, please contact the SPCA Veterinary Hospital to discuss a solution that works for you and your pet.

As a charitable organization, we take pride in making all our services accessible through our partnership with PetSmart Charities® of Canada.


Judy Layne

Judy is a dedicated volunteer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Gracie. She is committed to speaking for animals who cannot speak for themselves.