7 Reasons to Volunteer at the Nova Scotia SPCA

By Taylor Mundy

We are overjoyed to hear that we won the Coast’s “Best Place to Volunteer” for 2018! We depend on the enthusiasm, generosity and skills of our amazing volunteers.  To date, we have over 500 volunteers that help with animal care, fostering, fundraising, TNR, and supporting our SPCA thrift stores… and we are always looking for more volunteers!  If you need a reason to lend a helping hand, we’ve got 7 of them right here:


This year over 6,000 animals have been re-homed throughout the province!  Where we do not receive any government funding to care for our SPCA shelter pets, community support is critical to our future.  By volunteering with us, you are providing the means to help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need.

Some volunteer activities (like scooping poop) are not very glamorous… but they are rewarding.  Every animal that comes to us has a story.  Some are heart-breaking, some are captivating, and some are inspiring.  Shelter pets have a lot of love to give and appreciate the little things… we can learn a lot from that.


Volunteers can find their niche because we have so many ways to help.  Fostering and volunteering with shelter pets at your local shelter is not the only way to get involved!  We also need people to help us manage the feral cat population with our trap-neuter-return program!

In addition, if you are passionate about retail and fundraising, you can volunteer at any of our 4 thrift stores across the province. Our SPCA Thrift Stores have brought in over $300,000 since opening, and all of this comes straight back to helping SPCA furry friends in need!

Whether it is by bottle-feeding orphaned kittens, sorting donated items at our thrift stores, or raising funds and awareness, our volunteers are furever making a difference!


Want a smile as big as this guy’s smile?  Volunteer!  It’s a proven de-stressor that enhances your lifestyle and emotional well-being.  You’ll be contributing to the solution!  You can change your life and give shelter pets a second chance at a happy life – WIN, WIN!


The caring people around you are all here for the same reason: a genuine love of animals.  You’ll be able to regularly see and bond with other volunteers through your common interest of helping animals.  It’s inevitable that you’ll develop long-lasting friendships and networking opportunities.   


With all our volunteer opportunities, we ensure that you are properly trained so you feel comfortable and confident.  You’ll be able to learn and explore your interests and passions.  It can also provide an opportunity to build upon skills you already have and use them to benefit animals in need.


The Nova Scotia SPCA simply could not function without the help of our fantastic volunteers.  Words alone cannot express how much we appreciate our volunteers for their kindness and compassion.

We are always looking to connect with more passionate volunteers.  Come see for yourself how rewarding it is and why we’ve been voted as “Best Place to Volunteer” for 5 years in a row!  Simply fill out an application at your closest SPCA Animal Shelter or our online application here.


No explanation necessary.

Taylor Mundy

Taylor is the Communications & Development Officer with the Nova Scotia SPCA and proud adoptive fur-mama to Bonnie. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds for local animals in need.