P.U.P. Program

Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy (P.U.P) Program

If you unexpectedly find yourself with many new sets of tiny paws in the house and don’t know what to do.

You’re not alone.  Most unplanned litters are born because pet owners don’t realize that ‘babies’ can have babies of their own.  Female dogs can breed as early as 6 months and cats as early as 4 months.

Did you know that female dogs can breed twice a year with litters of 6-10 puppies?  Cats can breed 3 times a year with an average of 4 kittens per litter.

The answer to accidental litters and pet overpopulation is to spay or neuter your pets. It is recommended to spay or neuter your pets at 5 months.

But it’s never too late and the SPCA can help!

The Nova Scotia SPCA goal is to stop the conception of unwanted litters, and ensure every companion animal has a forever home.

Expanding on current spay/neuter assistance programs, the SPCA is launching a new PUP Program (Prevent Unwanted Pets). The goal is to remove obstacles for families by helping get their pet spayed to permanently stop unwanted litters.

If you have, or are expecting a litter of puppies or kittens, and are anywhere in Nova Scotia, please call us at 1-844-835-4798.  We will accept the kittens or puppies into the P.U.P. Program, find them loving homes and provide a spay surgery for the mother all for no charge.

Accidental litters can happen.

Please don’t let anything be a barrier that prevents you from reaching out for help.  We understand accidents happen and don’t judge the situation you are dealing with.  If you are struggling with finances or transportation reach out and find out how we can help.

By Appointment Only


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What To Expect When You Call

  • The SPCA will work with you to ensure that all the litter’s needs are met. It is preferred  to keep litters with their mothers until they are approximately 8-9 weeks old.
  • We ask you sign up when the kittens/puppies are first born.  You will be asked to bring them into your local SPCA at 5 weeks of age for their initial vaccines and to sign the paperwork agreeing to the program at that time.
  • All kittens/ puppies must be surrendered to the SPCA, this is the only way we can ensure that the overpopulation problem is reduced through spay/neuter of  moms and all kittens/ puppies.
  • The SPCA will vaccinate, vet check, spay/neuter, place the puppies and kittens in loving homes and spay the mother before returning her – all for free.  If impossible to keep the litter comfortable and safe, the SPCA may be able to arrange pickup for temporary placement with foster parents who specialize in puppy and kitten care (depending on available space).
  • So you can expect to continue to house the kittens/puppies until they are of age to find forever homes.  If this is a challenge for you please mention that, as there are other ways we can help depending on your concerns.

PUP Program Request

  • Please fill out the form below, please note, this only helps us determine eligibility, you will receive a response in 1-2 days confirming your participation.

    Note, even if you answer 'no' to this question , you may still qualify, please fill out the rest of the form.


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