Newborn Kittens

Hi, we're newborn kittens!

Our mama was struggling living outdoors and very nervous of humans. One day, someone kind spotted she was pregnant and brought her to the SPCA. They found a nice home for her to give birth – inside and safe.

We are just a few days old right now. Everything is new. We enjoy cuddling and rolling around on each other. Sometimes we argue about which one of us is the most adorable.

Kitten season is right around the corner! Along with kitty cuteness, we bring A LOT of additional expenses on already very tight resources. Will you virtually adopt us today – pretty please?

Because of the State of Emergency, innocent pets, like these kittens, will be with the SPCA even longer.

If medical and cost of care is less than what is raised in their honour, additional funds will provide care for other local pets without a guardian.

Thank you for your compassionate support!