Hi, I'm Hobo! 

Struggling as an outdoor stray cat, I would sometimes walk by a building with the letters SPCA on it. I saw lots of animals leaving with kind families. I was determined to break-in and find a family, too.

To my surprise, the people at the SPCA noticed me and left some tasty treats. They brought me inside to enjoy yummy food, a warm bed, and lots of head scratches. My x-rays revealed that I have arthritis and a heart murmur. Even though they sound scary, luckily they are both treatable.

I’m excited to meet my forever family. Will you virtually adopt me to help me along my journey?

Because of the State of Emergency, innocent pets, like Hobo, will be with the SPCA even longer.

If Hobo’s medical and cost of care is less than what is raised in his name, additional funds will provide care for other local pets without a guardian.

Thank you for your compassionate support!