Bottle Babies

Hi, we're itty-bitty bottle babies!

But you can call us Jeremy and Johnny. We had a rough start in life. We were abandoned in a box and tossed in the trash at only three days old.

Thankfully, we are growing and eating well with around-the-clock care. We are bottlefed every 2-3 hours and love it! We started to purr over the weekend. It’s a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling.

With all the sadness that we have been surrounded by, people tell us that we have brought light and sunshine to their lives. If you virtually adopt us we promise to purr and bring sunshine to you, too.

Because of the State of Emergency, innocent pets, like these kittens, will be with the SPCA even longer.

If medical and cost of care is less than what is raised in their name, additional funds will provide care for other local pets without a guardian.

Thank you for your compassionate support!