Veterinarian – Curriculum development – remote work opportunity

The Nova Scotia SPCA College of Animal Welfare is seeking Veterinarians to write curriculum for a new Veterinary
Technology training program.
Courses requiring content include:
• Anatomy and Physiology – 100 lecture hours/30 lab hours
• Clinical Pathology level 2 – 80 lecture hours/30 lab hours
• Surgical Nursing – 58 lecture hours/60 lab hours
• Large Animal Nursing- 65 lecture hours/27 lab hours
• Nursing Level 2 – 100 lecture hours/30 lab hours
• Radiology and Advanced Imaging – 40 lecture hours/9 lab hours
• Clinical Pathology Level 3 – 65 lecture hours/24 lab hours
• Exotics, Wildlife and Laboratory Animal Medicine – 60 lecture hours/18 lab hours
• Dentistry – 40 lecture hours/24 lab hours
• Emergency and Critical Care – 51 lecture hours/21 lab hours
• VTNE preparation – 39 lecture hours
• Large Animal Nursing Level 2 – 40 lecture hours/24 lab hours

The successful candidates will:
 Have excellent knowledge of the subject matter and the level at which a Veterinary Technician must be competent
for each subject area.
 Able to create interesting and interactive lectures and laboratory/ hands sessions to ensure the students learn
both the academic subject and to be able to perform the related skills with excellence.
 Will work with our team of Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians to create a complete, cohesive program and
so must be willing to work with the team.
 Proficiency with PowerPoint, word, excel, Microsoft teams and veterinary software are essential.
 Program is to be written in English and the candidates must be fluent in both oral and written English.
Individuals can choose what content they would like to develop.

The deadline for completed curriculum for one of the listed courses above is December 31, 2021.

Compensation depending on quality and volume of material produced – for good quality work will pay up to $50 per hour
for development of curriculum.

Additional information surrounding the learning goals/content required for each course will be shared when we connect
to discuss project more fully.

Remote working capability is available.

Send expressions of interest to Elizabeth Murphy at